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Royal Family News: Prince Andrew Spoke For The First Time Since Leaving Public Duties

Royal Family News: Prince Andrew Spoke For The First Time Since Leaving Public DutiesBritish Royal family news reveals Prince Andrew, Duke Of York spoke publicly for the first time since the Epstein Scandal in 2019 to mourn for Prince Philip’s passing. He said his father’s death was a terrible loss and that “we’ve lost the grandfather of the nation.”

At a special service for Prince Philip at the Royal Chapel in Windsor Great Park on Sunday, Prince Andrew faced the media after his long absence from the public.

He described his father to the reporters as a calm person you can always go to. “I loved him as a father… He was always someone you could go to and he would always listen,” he said.

Prince Andrew is also sorry for his mother, Queen Elizabeth, and described her as an incredibly stoic person. “I feel very sorry and supportive of my mother, who’s feeling it, I think, probably more than everyone else,” he said.

“The Queen, as you’d expect, is an incredibly stoic person. She described his passing as a miracle. She’s contemplating, I think, is the way that I would put it. She described it as having left a huge void in her life,” he added.

The Prince said that the Royal family members are rallying around to ensure the Queen of their support. “I know there is a huge amount of support, not just for her (the Queen) but for everybody as we go through this enormous change,” Prince Andrew added.

On the Same Boat with Everybody

The Prince also recalled a telephone conversation he had with his father a few months ago. Prince Andrew told BBC that his father Prince Philip once told him, “we are all in the same boat” in battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prince Andrew elaborated that his father’s words became clearer following his passing. “It has brought home to me, not just our loss, but actually the loss that everybody else has felt for so many people who have, as it were, died and lost loved ones during the pandemic.”

Following the loss and damage the pandemic has caused, Prince Andrew also clarified that Prince Philip’s death is not COVID related. “And so we are all on the same boat. We are all feeling a great sense of loss,” he explained.

The Fall from Public Duties

Prince Andrew stepped away from public duties in November 2019 due to his ties with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, a sex offender who died by suicide in jail while waiting for his trial on multiple sex charges in August that same year. The Prince himself also faced sexual allegations involving a 17-year-old Virginia Roberts (now Virginia Giuffre) in the past, but Prince Andrew denied it.

Prince Andrew joined the rest of his siblings and other family members in mourning for Prince Philip. He passed away on Friday at the age of 99.

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