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The Little Couple Jen Arnold And Bill Klein Celebrate 13 Years

The Little Couple Jen Arnold And Bill Klein Celebrate 13 YearsThe Little Couple features Jen Arnold, a doctor, her husband Bill Klein, and their cute kids, Will and Zoey. All of them suffer from dwarfism and bring their story via TLC for awareness. Like the Roloffs and the Johnstons from their shows, the couple and their kids became fan favorites. This week, they just celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. However, they met each other a long time before they actually tied the knot.

The Little Couple – Jen Arnold Met Bill Klein When They Were Kids

Bill Klein recalled on TLC how he met Jen in a Baltimore Hospital. About the same age as their son Will, at the time, Bill went for physiotherapy. Meanwhile, Jen underwent a surgical operation. Actually, Jen retains no memories of their first meetup. More than likely, she suffered some post-surgical pain as Bill recalled her “grumpy” demeanor. He probably recalls her as just like him, she’s also a little person.

More coincidences followed for The Little Couple lovebirds. Fast forward 10 years and they both studied surgery under the same doctor. However, their classes came at different times, so they didn’t meet up there. Eventually, they met online via the dating site, Date A Little. Several outlets, including TLC, mentioned their first date took place at a Starbucks in Pittsburgh. Three years later, they tied the know and since then, they also renewed their vows. Now, Jen shared a throwback photo on her Instagram.

13th Wedding Anniversary In 2021

The Little Couple family now celebrates 13 years of marriage. On April 12, Jen Arnold shared a photo of her and Bill on their wedding day. She captioned her post with,13 years today of wonderful memories, lots of fun, a bit of madness, full of laughs, & endless love.” Additionally, she told Bill, “I am so lucky to get to spend this thing called life by your side!” As you’d expect, lots of TLC fans sent in their congrats to the happy couple.

Fans of The Little Couple know that along their journey, they adopted Will from China and Zoe from India. When they took Zoey home, she took a long time to adjust to her new family. In fact, she even seemed terrified of her new dad. Unfortunately, Jen suffered from cancer. However, the upside meant a long stay at home. So during that time, she finally reached Zoey who adores her mom these days. In fact, Zoey told her mom that one day, she hopes to become a doctor just like her.

Time Stays Kind To Bill And Jen

Bill and Jen now earn a nice income and live in a beautiful house near the seaside in Florida. The kids live an idyllic life, fans think. Jen and Bill changed very little over the years, and they still make for a handsome little couple.

Remember to check back with us often for more news, spoilers, and updates about Jen Arnold and Bill Klein of TLC’s The Little Couple.

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