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Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Sophie And Tami Talk About Pregnancy And Conception Issues

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Sophie And Tami Talk About Pregnancy And Conception IssuesSeeking Sister Wife spoilers and updates reveal fans of the TLC series will have been surprised and thrilled by the video peek released by the producers about what to expect on the next episode of the reality TV show.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers – Sophie Is Thankful For Tami’s Support

Star of the Seeking Sister Wife series, Sophie, is happy that she has someone like Tami to support during this period of her pregnancy. She made this known in the promo video as she and Tami were seen discussing issues relating to pregnancy. In the video, the Winder wives seem to be testing out rocking chairs at a furniture shop.

Sophie revealed that Tami was going through the pregnancy as she was, and was grateful for the intimate bond she was building with Tami. For Sophie, the close relationship has enabled them to support each other wholeheartedly, as they do not hide things from each other. This intimate relationship between the Winder wives is going to be of immense benefit to Sophie and the Winder family as a whole, as she approaches the time of delivery.

It is interesting to note that Sophie reveals that Tami and her husband, Colton, are working on getting pregnant again. But for now, Tami is been of great help to Sophie in her pregnant state. This can’t be an easy task for Tami personally, as she has suffered from several miscarriages. In an episode of Seeking Sister Wife, Tami discloses that it has not been easy seeing Sophie pregnant, as she can’t help but engage her mind in the comparison game as regards issues of feminine fertility. She says she has asked herself why Sophie could get pregnant and she could not.

Tami Opens Up On Her Struggles With Conceiving A Baby

Tami shared her struggled towards getting pregnant with her fanbase recently on social media. In the post, the Seeking Sister Wife star revealed that she was seeing a fertility doctor, who prescribed some drugs for her to take regularly. She said she was in a good .ental state about the whole treatment and was hopeful about her situation.

However, she added that should the fertility drugs not work, that she would take the next option available to her. Her co-wife, Sophie, commented that she wished the best for Tami and Colton, in their quest to get pregnant.

Seeking Sister Wife Updates – Mixed Reactions From Fans

Tami’s post on social media generated mixed reactions from fans of the TLC series. It is surprising that note that some of the fans did not know that the Winder family are practicing polygamists. This section of the fans felt that the Winder women were not living life naturally by forcing themselves on a guy.

Another section of the fanbase was supportive, however. They went as far as giving several tips on how Tani could get pregnant for Colton, and more importantly, how to avoid miscarriage.

You can watch the fourth episode of the fourth season of Seeking Sister Wife on Monday night by 8 pm on the TLC Network.

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