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Little People, Big World Matt Roloff is Expecting Another Grandchild

Little People, Big World Matt Roloff is Expecting Another GrandchildLittle People, Big World’s Matt Roloff is expecting another grandchild and the very dedicated grandfather is very excited. Matt Roloff plays a very active role in the lives of his grandchildren, and things are not about to change with the new member of the family.

Little People, Big World’s Family about to Get a New Member

The patriarch of the Roloff family, Matt Roloff, and his partner, Caryn Chandler are very excited about the news. The patriarch and Caryn will soon have their hands full with the joy and excitement of taking care of another grandchild. Caryn said her son and his wife have revealed that they are having a boy and the baby is due in September. Caryn stated that it was very difficult for her to keep the news to herself because she and Matt Roloff are very excited.

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff first publicized their relationship in 2017. That’s quite a long time for Caryn and Matt who now see each other’s family as their own family. Caryn enjoys being around her boyfriend’s grandkids who adoringly call her “Cha Cha”, a nickname that Jackson Roloff gave her. The partners can’t wait to welcome the baby boy into the circle for the fun to continue.

Caryn and Matt are not the only ones excited about the baby who is due in September. Fans have also shared their excitement about the news stating that they can’t wait to see how active the grandparents will be in raising the child. The couple seems to be living well together but all has not always been rosy for them.

Little People, Big World Matt Roloff is Expecting Another Grandchild

The Rocky Foundation of Matt Roloff and Caryn’s Relationship

Fans have been dragging Caryn right from when the couple announced that they are together. Many fans were skeptical about their history together before they became lovers. Some fans also shared opinions that Caryn just wants a part of Matt Roloff’s wealth. Amy Roloff, Matt’s ex-wife also hinted that they might have developed feelings for each other before the divorce.

Nonetheless, the love birds are having a lot of fun together, surrounded by Matt’s adorable grandkids. With the way Caryn relates with the kids, it is clear that she is not trying to take Amy’s place but just wants the kids to know she will always be available to support them when the need arises. Her attitude has somewhat pacified fans who now believe the family is doing well together.

Together but Separate, the Lives of the Little People, Big World Couple

Little People, Big World’s Caryn Chandler probably knows fans are still carefully watching and assessing her moves and motives. This shows in the way she handles the relationship. She has been keeping some parts of her life separate from Matt’s. They live on the farm together but she has her property.

The Little People, Big World family is only going to keep expanding. Jeremy Roloff and Zach Roloff have both stated that they want more children later in the future. Fans can’t wait for all the excitement as more grandkids join the family, starting with the grandson they are expecting.

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