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Little People Big World: Chris Marek and Amy Roloff Eloped?

chris marek and amy roloff wedding, little people big world 2021Fans of TLC’s Little People, Big World saw rumors fly that Amy Roloff had already married her fiance, Chris Marek. So, are these rumors true, or are we still waiting for the wedding to happen?

What sparked these Amy Roloff rumors?

Rumors about the Little People Big World couple eloping first began going around near April Fool’s Day. Jokes started circulating about Chris and Amy eloping, but the couple themselves didn’t share these details.

Still, this left plenty of LPBW fans confused about the possible elopement. In the comments sections on Amy’s Instagram posts and other social media posts, fans asked questions. They wanted to know if the rumors were true. Others asked to see wedding photos.

Some fans were less skeptical and fell for the joke altogether. They simply started congratulating Chris and Amy because they believed the joke was true.

Little People Big World News: Are Chris Marek and Amy Roloff actually married yet?

It looks like those claims about the couple eloping were nothing more than rumors. As of right now, it looks like Chris and Amy are still planning their wedding. On Instagram, Amy Roloff recently shared a snap of herself and a couple of friends out and about doing some planning. Plus, the couple hasn’t come out and said that they are married yet.

By now, they likely would have shared this with fans. Chris and Amy’s wedding will be filmed and will air on TLC’s Little People, Big World. It might be some time before the wedding airs due to production times. A new season of the show is in the works now though, so fans have something to look forward to.

Because Chris Marek and Amy live their lives in the public eye, it’s unlikely they would keep their wedding a secret unless it was for a TLC NDA. They seem to be pretty open about everything, including their relationship. Since Amy has been on TLC Little People Big World for so long, she essentially has no choice but to live her life so publicly.

Though this joke gave fans a bit of a scare, they should be able to trust that Amy will keep them in the loop going forward. The real announcement isn’t too far off.

So, it seems Chris and Amy Roloff aren’t married quite yet. But the wedding is right around the corner from what we know. The pair is definitely tying the knot in 2021 after getting engaged in 2019 on Little People Big World.


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