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Unexpected Spoilers: Myrka Cantu and Her Struggles

Unexpected Spoilers: Myrka Cantu and Her StrugglesUnexpected spoilers reveal that Myrka Cantu has a lot of mental health struggles in her life. She has been pretty open about her mental state and how she has been feeling lately. On Unexpected, she has shown parts of her life as a mother and through parenthood. There are plenty of her fans that can truly relate to her.

Instagram Live for Fans

Myrka took to Instagram Live to answer some questions from her fans. She first gave birth when she was 15 years old and it was quite a shock when she became pregnant. At the time, she was a cheerleader in high school and her child’s father, Ethan Ybarra, was a star football player at the time. Their lives have changed so much since they made the announcement.

There has been a lot of drama with Myrka and her mother. She was kicked out when she told her she was pregnant and she ended up living with Ethan and his family for a while. Her life hasn’t been easy and she has had a lot of stress since she started the show.

Fans Ask Questions

Myrka’s fans love her and she told them that she would take the time to answer their questions. She told her fans that her mental health is not the best right now. She told them that she is going through some postpartum depression and she is trying to fight the depression. She mentioned that it is “winning” right now.


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She is pushing hard to get through the depression and told her fans that she can answer questions right now, but feels that she can’t give any good advice with how her mind is working right now. She told her fans that she is trying to cope with it, but it has been very hard for her.

Myrka is working really hard to get through her mental health struggles and we really hope that she can get through it all. She does know that her fans are there for her and continues to push on.

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