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Vanderpump Rules Alum Jax Taylor Rakes In Kudos For Stem Cells

Vanderpump Rules Alum Jax Taylor Rakes In Kudos For Stem CellsVanderpump Rules fans see Jax Taylor all excited about his baby and now he raked in a lot of kudos as he promotes stem cell preservation. Brittany Cartwright pops anytime now, with her due date just days away. Beside himself with anticipation, the first-time dad can’t wait for their baby. Dancing around, he practiced putting on diapers and shouted out how they believe in the power of newborn stem cells as a medical tool.

Vanderpump Rules Alum Jax Taylor Surpised Fans On Stem Cell Preservation

Jax landed in some hot water with fans as news emerged that he’s run into money problems. He owes rather a lot of money to California in taxes. Nevertheless, he just isn’t letting that get to him as he excitedly awaits his brand-new baby. Actually, sounding very upbeat about it, in the comments of his Instagram he repeatedly tells fans something comes regarding a TV show. Hopefully, that comes along soon, so he can focus on being a dad rather than his bank balance.

Vanderpump Rules fans know that Brittany soon delivers their first child. At 38 weeks, she really wants the baby to come along now. After all, she’s been pregnant since forever. Well, it feels that way for all her fans as well. However, some of them seemed taken aback when Jax talked about stem cell preservation on April 9. They seem surprised that he even knew what it was.

Fun Promo – Jax Shouts Out For Stem Cells

Although it was a promo, on Instagram, many Vanderpump Rules fans like that Jax and Brittany think about the future of medicine. Shouting out Generate Life Sciences, he offered a code for savings. One fan said, “Such a worthwhile and precious thing to donate. You guys are really thoughtful, (sic) 🙏👍👏🌟🌟.” Well, if you don’t know, people donate the stem cells of a newborn as they preserve these powerful cells. Widely used in modern medical research, the Bravo alums think about their own child in the future.


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Another Vanderpump Rules fan commented, “🔥❤️Really wish this was available when we had our 4 sons! You guys really are blessed to have this…glad you can share this with the world! 🔥🙌🏾❤️.”

More kudos went his way with: “This is awesome bringing awareness…” Here’s another Bravo fan who seemed impressed by Jax promoting stem cell preservation: “It’s also amazingly awesome 😎 that y’all believe in stem cell regenerated medicine.”

Meanwhile. other fans loved the promo. In fact, they think Jax does them so well, it looks like a “proper commercial.” Naturally, everyone who saw the post feels his excitement as very soon, Brittany brings their new baby into the world.

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