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Amy Roloff Reveals The Changed Plans Of Matt Towards The Family Farm

Amy Roloff Reveals The Changed Plans Of Matt Towards The Family FarmStar of the Little People, Big World reality series, Amy Roloff, revealed recently that the plans her ex-husband, Matt Roloff earlier intended for the farm business have had to undergo some changes in the past year. What exactly are the changes tourists to the popular farm of the Little People, Big World family will notice when visiting the farm?

Matt Roloff’s Plans For The Farm In The Fall

Amy has not been an active part of the recent developments on the farm because she has moved out of the property after her divorce from Matt was finalized. But for someone who is not an active participant in events, she does know a lot about changes taking place. Amy revealed that because of the coronavirus pandemic, they have had to put the necessary safety protocols in place on the farm. It was done to ensure the safety of tourists at the time.

It will be recalled that Amy and Matt weren’t sure that they could open the farm to tourists in time for the very popular pumpkin season. This was because of the global lockdown and restrictions on movement that we’re devices as means of curbing the spread of the coronavirus. The pumpkin season event did go on though, as they ensured reservations were made before visiting, and that all visitors wore a face mask and maintained social distancing. Amy believes the same protocols will be used this year, as Matt will do whatever is possible to ensure the event takes place this year.

Amy’s Opens Up On Her Favorite Things

In a recent interview, the Little People, Big World celebrity opened up on a lot of her favorite things. For instance, the star disclosed that her favorite time of the year is the fall, because of the weather and the thrill of Halloween. Well, it is not yet known if Amy will part of the Halloween party on the farm this year.

She also revealed that she loves spending time in the kitchen coming up with new recipes. She said she would love to have fun with fans in her kitchen while trying out their recipes.

Another thing that Amy loves is the occasion of birthdays. For her, it is a special day to thank God for life and show love to the celebrant.


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Amy Roloff: A Source Of Encouragement In This Trying Period Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

With the damaging effects caused by the coronavirus pandemic globally, Amy has been a ray of hope for a lot of her followers. She admits that times are hard now, as everyone is dealing in one way or the other with the crunching effect of the pandemic. In a positive tone, she called on people to always remember that they are cherished by others and should not give up in the face of challenges.

At present, Amy is building up her catering business, filming new episodes of the show, and also been a wedding planner.

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