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What Will Be The Fate Of Roloff Farms After Matt Retires?

What Will Be The Fate Of Roloff Farms After Matt Retires?Filming of the new season of Little People, Big World is underway, but what the future holds for the Roloff family is still misty. The show has made the Roloff family members famous for years, though they have has to grapple with some changes due to the coronavirus pandemic. More changes are still expected to take place, like who will become head of the Roloff farms with Matt Roloff expected to retire anytime soon. So, what is the fate of the Roloff farms when the day comes for Matt to hands off the day-to-day operations of the family business?

Matt May Retire By Next Year

Reports from a source close to the Little People, Big World stars revealed that the children have no problems with going on with their lives away from the farmland. Though the source also said some of the kids were considering coming back to take over the reins in the future.

Fans of Little People, Big World have realized that Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandelier, see serious about becoming a couple soon. They have been an item after Matt’s divorce from his ex-wife, Amy, was finalized. It is expected that they will want to live their lives away from the Roloff farms. The source confirmed reports the couple’s retirement happening soon, with the last quarter of 2022 picked as the ideal time to get a deserved rest after years of hard work.

Zach and Jeremy Roloff To Take Over?

With the couple wanting to live out the rest of their days in a community between Arizona and Oregon as soon as possible, the source revealed who might be taking over the reins at Roloff Farms. According to the source, Matt’s eldest son, Zach Roloff is eager to keep the family business up and running. Zach who is a father of two is delighted with working on the farm. Zach has always helped his father on the farm a lot, especially during the traditional pumpkin event. This makes him a natural choice to handle the affairs of the farm in the future.


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According to the source, Zach is not the only member of the Roloff family who wants to keep Roloff farms working, as his younger brother, Jeremy, is also interested.

Jeremy is married to Audrey, and two kids are the fruits of their marriage. Josh intends to reach an agreement with Zach to be a business partner according to the source. This move is supported by Matt, as he feels that Jeremy has a better business mind. In a recent post on Instagram, Matt disclosed that he would like the twins to take over when he retires.

Matt has always said that he did not intend to retire soon, but he might have changed his mind because of the coronavirus plagued 2020. Last year was challenging, with Matt even needing a loan of $205,913 from the Payment Protection Plan scheme of the United States government to keep the business afloat.

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