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Sister Wives Spoilers: Plural Family Falling Apart As Kody and Robyn Divorce?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Plural Family Falling Apart As Kody and Robyn Divorce?Sister Wives spoilers suggest that recent TMZ article reported that Kody Brown and his legal wife, Robyn Brown have now divorced. However, a web search only pulls up ongoing issues with Kody and wife Meri Brown. Are Kody And Robyn still together or has she been replaced?

Robyn Brown Has Been Pressuring Kody Brown

In recent Sister wives’ episodes, Robyn has been seen constantly pressuring Kody to fix his relationship with Meri Brown. After all, Meri would still be Kody’s legal wife if she had not divorced Kody so he could adopt Robyn’s kids. Robyn sees how selfless this was for Meri to put her children first. Kody did not have to adopt Robyn’s three children from a previous marriage.

However, Kody wanted Robyn’s kids to have the same rights as his other children. Kody could not provide insurance or any security to Robyn’s kids unless he adopted them. To adopt the children of your significant you have to be a married couple. Has Robyn’s nagging over Meri caused irreconcilable differences?

Meri Brown Seems To Be An Outcast

In the past few seasons of Sister wives, it has become obvious that Meri is somewhat of an outcast. Kody has next to nothing to do with Meri. Robyn and Meri do not seem as close as they once were. Janelle and her family, as well as Christine and her children keep to themselves most of the time. Kody and Robyn also seem to be fight more than ever too. However, Robyn almost always argues with Kody over something anymore as well. Right now, the Coyote Pass property is becoming a huge sore spot.


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Although this photo is what was posted in the Sister Wives groups that got the rumors started, there does not appear to be a story on the TMZ website. This leads us to wonder if someone may have photoshopped the image. Of course, there is another possible explanation if this is not truth. Perhaps this was someone’s idea of yet another April Fool’s Joke.

Some fans could honestly see this divorce taking place because of the way Kody seems to act toward his wives. Robyn seems very annoyed that he does not try harder with Meri. Robyn also does not seem happy with Kody discussing their private lives with other individuals like he did with the Darger family. Kody seems to think that they reproductive decisions are fine to discuss with other and Robyn disagrees. Is Robyn finally fed up with Kody and his attitude?

Has Robyn filed for divorce? Only time will tell has we continue to watch for developments with the plural family.

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