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Seeking Sister Wife: Garrick Merrifield Labels Wives By Size And Fans Lose It

seeking sister wife dannielle merrifield garrickSeeking Sister Wife is a TLC show that’s sort of a spin-off from Sister Wives’ and it began airing in 2018 with favorable ratings from viewers. Fans watched Garrick and Danielle Merrifield legally divorce because Garrick wants to be able to marry a Brazilian woman, Roberta, legally in order to bring her to the United States.

At the time of the divorce, Danielle Merrifield was apprehensive that Garrick may be seeking to leave her for the other woman, even though Garrick tried to convince her, and Seeking Sister Wife fans, that he’s only doing it for the sole aim of bringing Roberta to the States. They’d previously tried to bring Roberta over with a travel visa but she was denied.

Despite all that Danielle went through regarding their divorce on Seeking Sister Wife, dealing with Garrick’s new choice of life, and having to get used to living in a polygamous family, body shaming was added to the list when her husband Garrick called her the ‘large wife’ and Roberta the ‘petite wife.’

Seeking Sister Wife: Plural Family Life

Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield have been married for more than 12 years before Roberta came into the picture. The couple have two sons together: Geremiah, 11, and Solomon, 10. Garrick and Dannielle, along with their two sons, paid Roberta a visit in Cabo, Mexico for a 9-day trip before she could relocate to the US.

At first, Dannielle said that getting to meet Roberta was amazing and everyone got along well, which came as a shock to fans when they saw how easily the two women got along.

But as time went on, it seemed that the whole getting to share Garrick with another woman started getting to Dannielle, and it was clear that Garrick was spending more time with Roberta. “It was a little hard at first sharing Garrick in that intimacy. I cried and I had a really hard time,” Danielle Merrifield said.

 Fans Reaction to Garrick Merrifield’s Analysis of Danielle and Roberta

Though Garrick is yet to legally marry Roberta since their marriage license has not been issued, he still sees both women as his wives. Dannielle was supportive of him as he brought the Brazilian beauty into their family and their family got a little bigger, and a little diverse.

But fans are angry about Garrick’s recent analysis of his two wives. They don’t care what he means by his proclamation, but they know it’s rude for someone to call a woman, who is also his wife and the mother of his children, “large.”

A few fans expressed their concern on that front, hoping Dannielle would leave that “jerk” and find someone who’s a lot better for her.

One called him a “master manipulator,” and someone else thought that “sister wives” was just an excuse for him “to have sex with a younger woman and not feel guilty about it.”

What do you think of Garrick Merrifield on Seeking Sister Wife?  Is he starting a plural family for all the wrong reasons?  Let us know in the comments below and keep checking TV Soap Videos for more Seeking Sister Wife spoilers, news, and 2021 updates.

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