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Israel Dillard Celebrates His Birthday With a Special Cake

Israel Dillard Celebrates His Birthday With a Special Cake'THE ENDJill and Derick Dillard’s oldest son Israel turned six years old on Tuesday, April 6. Jill and Derick also have a son Samuel, who will turn four in July. The adorable Duggar grandson decided to go all out on his big day. In a social media post, Jill details her son’s day and reveals the special cake he decided he wanted this year.

In her post, Jill shares that Israel had a very special day, complete with all of his favorite foods. He kicked off his day with a bowl of Lucky Charms and requested Taco Bell for dinner. On the way to school, his name was read on the radio. Plus, his name was announced when he got to school. It sounds like the kindergartener felt the love on his birthday.

It looks like Jill had to put her cake-decorating skills to the test this year. Over on her Instagram stories, Jill shared a photo of the cake she decorated for Israel. She writes, “Israel requested a fish cake… ‘because it’s my 2nd favorite food.’ He was very specific about the details and colors & all…it’s fun to see his personality developing.” The cake pictured is blue with a white fish and a number 6 on it.

Duggar fans wish Israel Dillard a happy birthday

On Jill’s Instagram post, fans are commenting and wishing Israel a happy birthday. They hope the former Counting On star had a great day. They especially love hearing about Israel and learning more about him. Jill talks about his personality, saying, “He is such a good big brother and we’ve seen him mature so much in the last year that it makes me wish time would just slow down a little!!” The picture she included on her main page features Israel and Samuel hugging each other during the family’s recent photoshoot. The brothers seem to be the best of friends.

Some fans are pointing out that they feel old now that Israel is six. Some of them have been following the Duggar family for a long time and can’t believe how quickly he’s grown up. Many of the family’s big events – including weddings, births, and more – have been featured on their TV shows, so fans feel super close to some of the family members.

It certainly seems like Jill and Derick spoiled Israel on his birthday. Fans hope the kiddo had a special birthday and that he enjoyed his fish cake.

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