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Claire Duggar Shares New Photo Featuring All of the Duggar Sisters

Claire Duggar Shares New Photo Featuring All of the Duggar SistersThe Duggar family has been growing lately, so all of the Duggar sisters and sisters-in-law got together for a special photo at a recent wedding. On social media, Claire Spivey Duggar shared a new photo from her wedding in February. The photo features Claire with all of her new sisters-in-law.

In the photo, the sisters are all lined up. From left to right, the picture includes Kendra, Anna, Jordyn, Jana, Johannah, Jessa, Claire, Jennifer, Joy-Anna, Josie, Jinger, Jill, Katey, Abbie, and Lauren. Claire writes that she loves all of them. She seems happy to have so many new sisters-in-law after marrying into the Duggar family.

Duggar fans love the updated photo

It’s been a little while since the Duggar family has been able to get together for a photo. Though they’ve shared plenty of photos on social media, they aren’t always able to take a photo with everyone. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have 19 kids, plus many of those kids are married and have started their own families. It must be pretty difficult to find a time for every family member to be photographed. While this new photo only features the Duggar daughters and daughters-in-law, fans are still thrilled to see that the family was able to gather for Claire and Justin’s wedding.

In response to Claire’s photo, fans are pointing out how lucky she is to have all of these great women in her life. Joy-Anna Forsyth responds, “Ah! Love this picture and love you! So happy to have you in the family!” Anna Duggar says she loves Claire. It seems like the Duggar women are very glad to have her in their family.

Fans hope to see more photos from Justin and Claire’s wedding, as well as Jedidiah and Katey’s wedding. The Duggar family had to keep this specific picture a secret from fans. When Justin and Claire tied the knot, Jedidiah and Katey weren’t even engaged. Nobody knew about the courtship at that point. So, Claire waited to post the photo until Jedidiah and Katey’s wedding details had been released. The whole courtship and wedding between Jedidiah and Katey was very private, and the family only spoke about it after the pair got hitched.

Now, there’s a chance that more photos from both weddings will be shared. Of course, it’s possible that there are more relationships still under wraps.

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