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Unexpected Season 4 Star Jenna Ronan’s Son Luca’s Cute At Easter

Unexpected Season 4 Star Jenna Ronan's Son Luca's Cute At EasterUnexpected Season 4 star Jenna Ronan shares plenty of photos of her baby boy Luca. Actually, fans enjoyed those photos right from the start of the season on TLC. She and her baby daddy, Aden Albright, seem happy together and they raise their sturdy little boy in their own home these days. At Easter, Luca looked super-cute, but he only had eyes for one thing. Actually, it’s not what you might expect.

Unexpected Season 4 Stars Jenna And Aden Found Some Critics

Initially, TLC fans scorned Aden and Jenna as he seemed either lacking in education or a huge risk-taker. Recall, Aden told her that men ovulate just like women do. Incredibly, she took him at his word and they engage in unprotected rumpy-pumpy. Later, he confessed that he enjoys taking risks and that he lied to Jenna. However, fans warmed to the couple after she revealed photos of them at Christmas. The main thing that fans liked is that their baby boy looked well-cared for and healthy. Fans also liked that Aden stepped up as a daddy and married Jenna.

More recently, Unexpected Season 4 dad Matt ran into criticism over a tattoo. Jenna’s dad stood up for his daughter after she fell pregnant, which fans liked. However, TLC blurred out his tattoo. So, sleuths went off and hunted it down. The tattoo, a ring of stars around “III” belongs to The Three Percenters, a militia group. The group harbors ill-feeling against any federal government. So, critics slammed him as an extremist. However, that seemed far from Jenna’s thoughts at Easter. Instead, she focused on baby Luca.

Luca Only Wants One Thing At Easter

Taking to her Instagram on April 5, Unexpected Season 4 star Jenna shared a photo of her son. Luca wore a cute Easter-themed outfit. Additionally, Jenna popped a hat with bunny ears on his head. Sitting next to his little basket full of eggs, Luca clutched one of the eggs in his hand. However, Jenna noted in her caption that he only had eyes for the “fake grass” in the basket. As one fan commented, that’s typical of tiny kids.


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Another fan of Unexpected Season 4 noted, “He’s so stinking cute! And of course, they love the simplest things! Happy Easter!” Then, someone mentioned how kids also like boxes and wrapping paper.

Some of Jenna’s fans talked about the “edible grass” that people sometimes use in baskets. Apparently, someone spotted it at Walmart. But, they agree it tastes horrid. Meanwhile, other fans noticed the striking resemblance that Luca has to his grandfather Matt. Additionally, fans noticed that Aden wasn’t in the photo, so they asked for one showing all three of them. Hopefully, one comes along soon.

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