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Sister Wives Spoilers Reveal Fans Confuse Truely With Ysabel

Sister Wives Spoilers Reveal Fans Confuse Truely With YsabelSister Wives spoilers reveal that Truely could almost twin her sisters Genydlyn and Ysabel. Actually, at Easter interest in the sweet kid is high as a recent episode featured her during the coronavirus quarantine. Aged 10 at the time, she seemed really upset as she couldn’t play with Robyn’s kids. A year on, and she really looks grown-up all of a sudden. So much so, that TLC fans confused her with Ysabel.

Sister Wives Spoilers Reveal Truely Suddenly Grew Up

When fans watched Truely become upset about social distancing, many of them felt sorry for the little girl. Actually, she seemed so upset as she adores Kody and Robyn Brown’s kids. Christine’s youngest daughter asked her dad so sweetly, but he had to explain that she can’t play with them because of the virus. Aged 10 at the time, a year passed in real life since then. In just a few days, she turns 11 years old. Actually, it seems incredible how much a young teen changes in just twelve months.

Sister Wives spoilers came in some photos that Christine shared on Sunday, April 4. As people also saw Truely cry because she couldn’t spend her birthday with friends, some fans mentioned that in the comments. TLC fans care a lot about her as they saw her grow up on the TV show. Bear in mind, at one stage, she became so sick, that people, feared for her life. However, no matter how well fans think they know the kids, it always seems a bit of a shock when new photos arrive on social media. Suddenly, Truely’s all grown up.

TLC Fans Confuse Truely With Ysabel Brown

Sister Wives fans feel that spoilers from social media sometimes shock them. After all, the network usually films the show during the previous year. Aired retrospectively, it makes it a bit hard to keep up with all the kids. When Christine shared three photos of Truely enjoying the cool water of a fountain, Janelle Brown popped up in the comments. She said, “She looks so much like her sisters Gwen and Ysabel!”

Actually, the Sister Wives spoilers really showed that likeness off. Especially in the last of the three photos. Some TLC fans agreed that she looks a lot like Gwen. However, more of them thought of Ysabel. In fact, several fans commented that they initially thought that Truely was Ysabel. Blond and tall just like her sister, Truely also grew a few inches in the last year.

One Sister Wives fan commented, “Omg she is fairly growing, I thought she was ysabel!” Others noticed the likeness as well, and loads of fans exclaimed about how tall Truely grew. Meanwhile, others talked about how she seems very wise as well. Clearly, Christine Brown’s daughter remains a fan-favorite on the TLC show.

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