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The Little Couple Easter Spoilers: Zoey’s On A Very Serious Mission

the little couple zoey kleinThe Little Couple Easter spoilers came from Dr. Jen Arnold on Sunday. In past years, TJC often covered the kids, Will and Zoey Klein enjoying their special day. However, possibly because of the coronavirus, in 2021 they stayed home and enjoyed a low-key celebration. Nevertheless, Zoey looked like she took the whole egg-hunting thing terribly seriously.

The Little Couple Easter Spoilers Reveal Fun For Zoey And Will

Little Zoey and Will often featured on TLC as they enjoyed their Easter celebrations. However, it’s been a while since the show last aired a season. So for now, fans turn to Dr. Jen Arnold for news about the family.

One Little Couple episode that fans recall fondly came back in 2014. That was their first Easter together as a family and Will thoroughly enjoyed himself. Bill Klein and Jen took the kids to a farm where a lot of Easter fun went down. The kids enjoyed a petting zoo, egg hunts, strawberry picking, and much more.

Three years later, The Little Couple Easter spoilers came from Jen Arnold who shared a photo of Zoey happily hunting for Easter eggs. At the time, much like 2021, the post came in-between seasons while fans awaited news of more shows.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted a camera crew in one of the photos. So fans knew that they probably filmed it for the show. Unfortunately, this year the spoilers that Jen shared revealed no camera crew. So, it’s still not clear when TLC brings more seasons.

Easter 2021 and Zoey’s On A serious Mission

On Sunday, April 4, Dr. Jen shared The Little Couple family celebrations. She revealed two photos of the kids. One of them showed Will with his basket full of eggs. Looking grown up and handsome, he stood next to the swimming pool in the garden.

Then in the second photo, Zoey Klein walked up the stairs looking very businesslike. Determination shone off her face as she strode around in her boots and jeans. Instantly, fans noticed that she seemed on a very serious mission.

The Little Couple Easter spoilers brought a lot of comments about serious Zoey. Here’s a short selection of the comments:

“girl on a mission! i love it! 😂”
“Zoey looks so focused 😂”
“Zoey has a serious look 😁♥️”
“…determined face 👏😂😍.”
“The determination in Zoey’s eyes✨😂.”
“Zoey, that is the face of a woman on a mission.”
“Looks like Zoey has her game face on! ✝️ 🐣.”

More seasons of The Little Couple?

Naturally, loads of The Little Couple fans wished Zoey and Will a wonderful Easter. Additionally, some of them asked about another season of the show. Unfortunately, the status seems up in the air. Perhaps Jen and Bill prefer not to film during the coronavirus pandemic. So far, no spoilers came about a possible return date.

Remember to check back with us often for more The Little Couple spoilers, news, and updates.

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