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Sister Wives Meri Brown Describes ‘Seven Days Of Hell’

Sister Wives Meri Brown Describes ‘Seven Days Of Hell’Sister Wives star Meri Brown told her fans the sad news that her mom Bonnie passed away suddenly. Aged 76 at the time, Bonnie seemed in good health. So naturally, the shock really hit Meri hard. Clearly, she and her mom maintained a very close and loving relationship. Just days after Bonnie’s death, Meri farewelled her mom at her funeral. A week after Bonnie passed away, her daughter described it as “seven days of hell.”

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Takes Bonnie’s Death Very Hard

Bonnie passed away one week ago, just 17 days after she celebrated her 76th birthday. Meri described her death as sudden, “unexpected, and extremely way too soon.” On her Instagram, Meri sounded devasted as she wondered, “I literally don’t know how I’m going to do the rest of my life without her.” People often expect the elderly to pass away. However, Bonnie didn’t seem incapacitated or sickly. Plus, nobody likes anticipating their mom passing away. It just seems so unthinkable.

Sister Wives star Meri later shared and shouted out for her bestie. So, hopefully, Jen rushed to her side as she grieves for her mom. After all, TLCV fans fear that Meri’s alone right now. In the show, they see almost everyone bar Robyn keeping their distance from Kody’s ex-first wife. Meri obviously took her mom’s death very hard. However, the funeral saw the attendance of Kody Brown and the other wives. But, it’s not clear he comforted Meri much. In fact, he was reportedly spotted kissing Janelle after the service in Utah.

‘Seven Days of hell,’ Says The TLC Star

On Easter Friday, one week after her mom died, Meri Brown took to Instagram and shared her pain. The Sister Wives star described it as “seven days of hell.” Furthermore, she poured out her terrible bereavement. Sharing a photo of the funeral card, Meri spoke about her “unimaginable pain, of chaos and confusion.” Plus, she cried “more tears” than she thought she had in her. Additionally, she admitted that with Bonnie dead, she struggles in “dealing with her immense grief.”

Sounding lost, the Sister Wives star admits that she feels like God might not help her give her the strength to deal with the pain. At least, it didn’t happen yet. Paying tribute to her mom, she talked about how Bonnie centered her life around Christ. Additionally, she was a giver, so Mariah’s mom felt her home provided a “refuge.” Now that refuge went away, fans naturally feel terribly sad for their favorite TLC star.

In the comments section, thousands of fans reached out to Meri. Plenty of them comforted her with the thought that the pain remains, but it becomes less intense with time.

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