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Jesse And Ben Reveal The Gender Of Their Fourth Child

Jesse And Ben Reveal The Gender Of Their Fourth ChildCounting On celebrity couple, Ben Seewald and his wife, Jessa Duggar, have revealed the gender of their expected fourth child. They made the recent announcement after informing fans of the reality show that Jessa was pregnant for a fourth time in February this year. The star couple has three children presently – 5-year-old Spurgeon, 4-year-old Henry, and their one-year-old daughter, Ivy. The fourth child is expected sometime in the summer, with the couple not divulging the particular date for delivery. This is joyous news for Ben and Jessa, coming after she had a miscarriage the last time.

This new pregnancy does not show such signs, as the couple shared a video on YouTube when they went with their three kids for an ultrasound scan to identify the gender of their fourth baby.

What The Ultrasound Scan Revealed

In the YouTube video, the three kids of the Counting On couple take turns guessing the gender of their forthcoming sibling. What the ultrasound scan is meant to do, and how they can easily identify the gender of their new sibling was also discussed among them. During the ultrasound scan at the hospital, the two older kids of the couple take a look at the screen, and their first son, Spurgeon, decides that he is having another younger brother as a new sibling.

They say hi to their new sibling through the screen, and even think that the baby is waving back at them. Jesse then informs her husband, Ben, that he had guessed wrong about the gender of their fourth child. Will they follow their tradition of keeping the gender of their child a secret until delivery time?

Will Ben And Jessa Reveal The Gender Before Birthing?

The celebrity couple has always revealed the gender of their babies after giving birth. At least, in previous seasons of Counting On. They might take a different approach this time though, as they are contemplating about revealing the baby’s gender to their sons, Spurgeon and Henry. Well, by then the secret might no longer be one, as the kids might let it slip during one of the episodes of the reality series.


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After the ultrasound scan, Jessa says that they will think of an ingenious way to reveal the gender of their fourth baby to their sons, which means that fans of the reality show will be held in the dark for a while longer.

Trust the fans, they have already started making guesses as to the gender of the couple’s fourth child. In the comments section of the uploaded video on YouTube and Instagram, lots of guesses by fans are continuously pouring in. Some of them hope that it’s a girl, so little Ivy has a fellow companion to play with, and pretty much even the gender score. Other sections of the fans believe that it is a boy child.

We look forward to a safe delivery by Jessa when the time comes, and whatever gender the child is, we are happy for her.

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