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Will Danielle’s Health Issues Be Settled In This Season’s Finale Of Outdaughtered?

Will Danielle’s Health Issues Be Settled In This Season’s Finale Of Outdaughtered?Outdaughtered star and mother, Danielle Busby has suffered from an illness that remains a mystery to fans of the reality show. Promo videos for Season 8 of Outdaughtered show Danielle having a lot of crying incidents.

Well, that could be attributed to the inkling that she might need heart surgery to address her mysterious illness. In episodes leading to the final episode of the ongoing season, Danielle and her husband, Adam, have not divulged much about her health issues, they have only said that she has gone for a series of medical tests.

This has got a lot of fans wondering if her health issues will be disclosed in the final episode slated to be aired on the 6th of April? Or will they keep all of us in the dark till next season?

Danielle’s Constantly Cries About Her Health Problems During Episodes

When doctors made it known to Daniele that she might need heart surgery to correct her health issues, she started crying profusely. Outdaughtered buffs couldn’t help but empathize with her and her husband.

A lot of fans thought that doctors would come up with a diagnosis of what was causing her unhealthy conditions without resulting in surgery. Another category of fans believes that her heart was probably put under so much stress when she was pregnant with the quintet.

It will be recalled that Jenny of the WE series, Raising Sextuplets, suffered from acute heart failure and had to undergo an Intrauterine Insemination(IUI). A lot of Outdaughtered fans expected to know more about the health issues that Danielle is dealing with, but so far have been kept in the dark.

Well, we expect the health issues of Danielle Busby to be discussed in the final episode of this season. If they are not discussed, then fans will be held in suspense until the new season.

Adam and Danielle had revealed through several social media posts that she had gone to see several medical experts because she was experiencing unusual body pains. No diagnosis was offered, however.

The summary of events to take place in the final episode does reveal that Danielle’s health problems might be talked about.


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Will Danielle’s Health Problem Be Revealed This Season?

It does seem that this season will end without fans knowing what exactly is wrong with Danielle unless her doctors come up with a definite diagnosis. The latest news about her medical condition can be gotten from an interview she had with an online magazine on the 30th of March. In the interview, Danielle said that she might have been suffering from a disease that was affecting her autoimmune system, though she added that further testing was still been done.

It does seem that events to occur in the final episode of this season’s Outdaughtered are so plenty that Danielle Busby’s health issues might not be much of a spotlight. This means fans might have to wait for season 8 before knowing the health condition of the Outdaughtered star.

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