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Mama June Shannon Rants About Wearing Masks In Merchandise Promo

Mama June Shannon Rants About Wearing Masks In Merchandise PromoMama June Shannon just ranted against wearing face-masks. Actually, she previously encouraged the use of them during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reversing her stance, she promoted merchandise that directly opposes her previous views. It looks like the Not to Hot WEtv star grew thoroughly sick of them. It came just one day after President Joe Biden appealed to all states to reimpose mask mandates.

Mama June Shannon Previously Seemed Keen On Masks

In October last year, Mama June: From Not to Hot fans saw that June told her fans they should wear their masks. In fact, the WEtv star said that the hassle of not wearing them seemed not worth the time. That came when she discussed masking up for airline flights. Plus she mentioned on her Instagram, that a lot of people walked around maskless. So, Joe Biden-like, she wrote, “come on people.” On other occasions, fans actually mocked her for wearing masks outdoors.

One incident where Mama June Shannon picked up some heat came when she and Geno Doak visited a Florida beach. Seemingly all alone, they both wore their masks. So, fans thought she went over the top. In that post, she promoted a few T-shirts and other products that she sells through her merchandise store. However, it looks like June easily reverses her stance on things like mask-wearing. With Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis pushing for lifting mandates by local government, it seems Floridians might feel interested in her new anti-mask stance.

Fed Up, Honey Boo Boo’s Mom Promotes Non-Wearing Of Masks

Mama June Shannon flipped from promoting masks to promoting not wearing them. Well, if nothing else, she might see an opportunity for a different range for her side-hustle. As President Joe Biden literally pleads for the reinstatement of mask mandates, the Road to Redemption star promotes merch that opposes his viewpoint. Of course, she’s not the not person who hates masks. However, TV stars sell items while ranting about how they’re “sick of this sh-t!”

Taking to her Instagram Stories on March 30, June revealed her new T-shirts on sale. Telling her fans how sick of COVID rules she feels, she pointed at the words on her tee. There, fans saw the words, “I’m so over this.” Going off about how she’s so tired of this “sh-t,” she also revealed a mask with the same words on it. Continuing her diatribe, June also talked about how nobody pushes her around, So, she also promoted a shirt that said, “Dis B-tch.”

Shrewd marketing ploy

Actually, most Floridians seemingly avoid wearing masks. So potentially, some of them might consider the T-shirts. Alternatively, fans in states who still mandate masks might like them as a statement of protest. Certainly, Mama June Shannon seems rather shrewd when selecting her merchandise creations. Do you agree?

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