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Alyssa Webster Shares Adorable New Photos to Brighten Everyone’s Day

Alyssa Webster Shares Adorable New Photos to Brighten Everyone’s DayAlyssa Bates Webster and her four young daughters always make Bringing Up Bates fans smile. Fans love to see the adorable little girls. Thanks to social media, the family’s followers get to see lots of pictures of the girls as they grow up.

John and Alyssa have four kids, Allie, Lexi, Zoie, and Maci. Maci just joined the family in February, so the family is adjusting to their newest addition. Since her arrival, Alyssa has posted lots of pictures of her on social media. Naturally, fans can’t help but talk about how sweet the baby girl is.

Alyssa Webster wants to brighten fans’ days

Alyssa’s most recent post was shared as a way to brighten her social media followers’ days. She shared a few photos of Maci laying on the carpet. The newborn is wearing a navy floral-print dress with a pink bow headband. She has little mittens on her hands so she won’t scratch her face. Alyssa also put gold shoes on her baby girl.

In the caption, the Bates daughter writes, “If this chubby little face doesn’t brighten your day… then I don’t know what will. ☺️” Of course, fans can’t stop commenting about how much the photos did truly cheer them up and make their day a little bit better. One fan writes, “She definitely brightened up my day!!!! 😍” Alyssa’s mom, Kelly Jo Bates, also commented, “Agreed! My day is 100% brighter after seeing this cutie!”

Which big sister does Maci look like?

Since Maci’s birth, fans have been trying to figure out which of her sisters she looks like. They think she definitely fits in well with the family, and there’s no denying that she’s one fo the adorable Bates-Webster babies.

In this particular comments section, fans are talking about how similar Maci looks to her eldest sister, Allie. Long-time fans of the Bates family remember seeing Allie as a baby and think that they look a lot alike.

Right now, Maci has blue-gray eyes. Of course, babies change a lot, so her eye color may change, or she might start looking like another one of her sisters.

No matter which of her family members she looks like, fans can agree that Maci is adorable. The new photos of her definitely seemed to cheer fans up. Luckily, since Alyssa is active on social media, fans will likely see plenty more photos of her sweet daughters.

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