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Sister Wives Spoilers: One Big Happy Family, in One Big Happy House

Sister Wives Spoilers: One Big Happy Family, in One Big Happy HouseSister Wives spoilers and updates reveal the distance and the going back and forth is getting to Kody and it’s been a thing of contempt within the family: ‘who do you spend more time with’, ‘how do you schedule in my time’, ‘I’m getting less visits’, ‘you’re visiting this wife more.’ It’s been an endless battle, and it’s all coming down on Kody’s head. Kody has more than once said that he wishes they lived together in one house like they used to do, but the wives aren’t ready to listen to him, but maybe they are now?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Separate Living

As the audience of the show knows, the family packed up and left a home in Las Vegas that was considered ideal for them, back in the summer of 2018, to move to Arizona, and since the move, things haven’t been going as great as they probably thought it would.

Now they are no longer living in four houses that are all next to each other like they were able to do in Las Vegas, but the four wives are spread out across the city of Flagstaff. There’s also a land property out in the country that they own, which not only do they not know what to do with, but it’s been a constant source of arguments and disagreements in the family over which plot each wife should have.

Kody’s made it clear that his desire is that the family would be able to live under one roof. And the wives have made it clear that they want nothing of the sort, Christine especially. They once lived under one roof, back in Utah and before Robyn came into the picture. Meri, Janelle, Christine and Kody lived in one big house divided into three apartments.

But the pandemic and the socially distanced visits is starting to take a toll on the entire family. In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, it’s almost like the Browns are really reconsidering their stance on the whole “one big house” situation.

Sister Wives Updates – Socially Distanced Visits

It was Robyn’s eldest daughter’s 18th birthday, and to celebrate, Christine brought her three youngest daughters over for a visit. They stayed out in the yard while Kody, Robyn, and their children stood in the doorway.

Little Truely asked if she could come inside to play with her siblings, but Robyn told her that she couldn’t. Christine later said that it was hurtful because Truely didn’t really understand why she was denied her request to come inside and play with her siblings, while Gwendlyn and Ysabel, her two older daughters, perfectly understood the reason.

Sister Wives cast members Arielle, Robyn and Kody’s youngest daughter, then gave Truely a stuffed animal, with the little girl repeating her request to come inside and play, “Not yet, sweetheart,” Kody responds, “the only person that’s traveling from house to house is me. Sorry.”

Robyn also later commented, “The idea of living in one big home together during this right now, what would it be like? I’m sitting here thinking ‘What are other plural families doing?”

“There’s a part of me that’s like ‘There would be major benefits for us to be living in one home right now during the pandemic, we could just be hunkering down together and being careful together, and we’d have to come to an agreement about how to do it,” she added.

Janelle also spoke about it separately to the cameras, “If we’d been in one house, then of course that would have been just a natural thing that we would have just been like a pod, a village, a little mini isolated village.”

Even Christine wondered what it would have been like if they were all living together in one house, but she went on to say that she just can’t imagine it and doesn’t want to.

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