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Fans Noticing A Big Change In Whitney Way Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Fans Noticing A Big Change In Whitney Way Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous LifeMy Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers and updates reveals fans are noticing a big change in the appearance of Whitney Way Thore. Whitney has always been on the big side, something she had not only accepted but also made the focus of her brand. According to her, she gained most of her weight after she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). However, many of her fans have been wondering if she finally went for the weight reduction surgery she mentioned during her last season on the show.

Fans of the TLC show think she had the surgery in secret shortly after the crew finished filming the last season of the show. Some fans even stated that she was noticeably slimmer before the filming of the Tell All. More recently, the reality TV star shared a video in which she seemed to have lost even more weight. Armed with that evidence, fans are convinced that she has had the surgery.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers – Ex-fiancé’s Betrayal and Quest for Surgery

The last season of the My Big Fat Fabulous Life was very rough for Whitney Thore. She continuously shared her thoughts about how simple life would have been if she were slim. Her ex-fiance, Chase Severino’s betrayal probably added more to Whitney’s doubts about her looks. He cheated on her and ended their engagement choosing to be with his baby mama instead. The betrayal added to the troubled thoughts Whitney was already having about herself and she kept asking if he would have done the same if she had been skinny.

Fans Noticing A Big Change In Whitney Way Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous Life

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney met with a bariatric surgeon to discuss what her options were if she decided to have a weight loss surgery. Though her family members and friends did not seem overly excited about the idea of the surgery. According to them, she was not contemplating having surgery because of health reasons but because she wanted to be “accepted” by society. Since she was doing it for the wrong reasons, everyone felt it was unnecessary.

New Pictures and Videos are Showing a Thinner Whitney

Now, in all of her pictures and videos, she seems to be hiding something about her looks from her fans. The reality TV star reveals only her neck and head in her new pictures and videos. Not only that, in some of her pictures, she even seems to be creating the illusion of a double chin.

However, it is still quite evident that she is noticeably thinner. Her facial features are looking more sculpted, just like any other person that has lost a lot of weight. We might not have to wait for too long to confirm if Whitney has indeed reduced her weight through surgery. If she has, the next episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life will tell us all we need to know about why she decided to go ahead with the procedure and when exactly she did it.

Fans Noticing A Big Change In Whitney Way Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous Life

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Updates – How Drastic is Whitney’s Weight Loss?

According to rumors, Whitney lost about 70 lbs. around the time TLC showed the Tell All for her season. With that, Whitney would have been at the required weight to have a weight reduction surgery. But she has lost even more weight now. In her recent pictures, she seemed to have lost more than 100 pounds.

Well, Whitney has not said anything to refute or confirm the rumors about her weight loss or how she lost so much weight.

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