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Meet Katey Nakatsu Jedidiah Duggar’s Supposed Fiance

Meet Katey Nakatsu Jedidiah Duggar's Supposed FianceNews about Jedidiah Duggar’s engagement to Katey Nakatsu has since been circulating on different online platforms for the past few weeks. There has been speculation that the couple officially plans to tie the knot on April 3, 2021, through live streaming. Their engagement pictures and proposal videos are already out on several social media platforms.

The Counting On Family is quiet about the Engagement News and Rumored Marriage Circulating Online.

For now, the Duggar’s haven’t given any positive feedback about the rumored engagement or plans for the wedding. Well, we think keeping the engagement and wedding plans secret maybe because of the non-disclosure agreement they have with TLC. Besides TLC will be unwilling to film a wedding amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Abiding by the government’s lockdown rules, the TLC production crew and the network will have enough room to capture every moment of the rumored wedding ceremony while featuring it on the Counting On show.

Who is Katey Nakatsu: Jedidiah Duggar’s rumored Fiance

Following reports from Fandom, Katey Nakatsu is a 22-year-old lady from Arizona. Blessed with a father, Korry, a stepmother, Kerry, and a younger sister -Lauren 18. Her biological mother, Kim, was separated from her father in 2005. However, her father remarried Kerry in 2009, and ever since then, Kerry has stood in the gap as a mother for Katey Nakatsu and her little sister Lauren. The Nakatsu family runs an online blog where they streamline and talk about their lives. Majorly, the online blog is handled by Kory; Katey’s father and he does the job pretty well while shuttling the job as a father to the two lovely girls.

Jedidiah Duggar’s rumored Fiancee was Homeschooled

Katey Nakatsu finished her high school program in 2016 and it seemed like she was homeschooled. Several of her homeschool journeys were likely featured on the family blog but only a glimpse of it has been seen so far. At the time of graduating from Arizona’s family home education, her father posted on the blog and said “now begins a new path in her life as she seeks opportunities to minister and serve others during her single years. For now, it is unclear what Katey Nakatsu is doing with her life aside from her rumored engagement to Jedidiah Duggar headlines circulating on different online platforms.


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Katey Nakatsu not sure Where to Spend her Forever with Jedidiah Duggar

Katey Nakatsu lives with her entire family in Arizona. However, for now, it is unclear if Jedidiah would love to enjoy the Arizona atmosphere after tying the knot with Katey or if the couple would choose to live in Jedidiah’s neighborhood in Arkansas. Maybe though, the newlyweds could start their new family in a different environment after tying the knot in April.

About Katey Nakatsu’s Social Media Life

Not much is known about Katey and her social life. The young lady is believed to énjoy her space and privacy and as a result, does not use any social media platform. Moreover, there could be other possibilities that the young lady might have turned her social media pages off until she officially joins the Duggar family on April 3, 2021.

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