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Unexpected Spoilers: McKayla Adkins Sports A New Look

Unexpected Spoilers: McKayla Adkins Sports A New LookStar of the Unexpected series, McKayla Adkins is sporting a new hairdo. In a recently uploaded photo on social media, the star is seen to have cut back her hair while donning her natural hair. McKayla is often known to wear wigs to cover up her natural locks during episodes of the show.

Lessons Learned From A Hair Dye Disaster

Sometime towards the end of last year, McKayla got her hair locks pretty messed up after applying dye on her hair at home. It was an awful experience for the Unexpected celebrity as she could not repair the self-inflicted damage to her hair at the salon. She had no choice but to shave off her hair and start growing her hair all over again.

The first few weeks had McKayla disliking her short hair, but it seems the star has grown accustomed to the shaved hair looks. From the looks of it, it seems McKayla recently had her hair shaved again. However, she did not do the mistake of getting her hair died, she just went for a simple pixie haircut.

Fans of the show will have been used to the sight of McKayla dyeing her hair in different colors over the past few years. This time around, she has not tried out any hair dye, which means she is doing her utmost to preserve her natural hair.

How The Unexpected Fanbase Reacted To Mckayla’s New Look

McKayla’s new hairdo is getting lots of rave from fans of the TLC series, Unexpected. Many of the fans expressed love for her new look, telling her that she looked beautiful and chic. Some fans even compared her to having similar looks to a high-profile attorney that is bent on winning a legal battle in court to earn her big payment.

Another category of fans was wondering why she decided to sport her new pixie hairdo. Some of them said she was most likely taking the time to grow out her hair, while others felt that she looked more beautiful with her long hair. Well, we sure do like McKayla with her new pixie haircut. It does help to look different sometimes.


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Is McKayla Done With Wearing Wigs?

The first time the star shaved her hair, she declared that she was going to wear wigs till her hair grew back to its normal length. She went to a wigs store and bought herself some wigs. After wearing them a few times, she did not feel cool with any of them. She complained that they either weren’t high-quality wigs or that they did not look natural.

In her quest to get hairpieces that were of high-quality and came at reasonable prices, she solicited the help of fans of the Unexpected series. Eventually, she bought a few that she felt cool wearing.

With her new pixie hairstyle, is McKayla doing away with the wigs she bought? We never can tell with the spontaneously driven McKayla. She might wear a wig until her hair grows lengthier, or rock her short natural hair for a while.

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