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Little People Big World Fans Agree That Tori’s Got A Keeper In Zach Roloff

Little People Big World Fans Agree That Tori's Got A Keeper In Zach RoloffLittle People Big World fans heard that Tori recently lost a baby from a miscarriage but she said that she still felt very grateful for Jackson and Lailah. And her husband Zach Roloff. Some of the news came via her main Instagram Page, and others via her Stories. There, she revealed they went out for a date night. In that Story, she said that she finally started feeling like she might be okay. Now, she shared a photo of Lilah with Zach, TLC fans loved it so much. So, many of them assured her that she found a keeper in the Little People, Big World star.

LPBW Fans Talk About Zach Roloff & Tori On Instagram

After Little People, Big World fans heard about Tori losing her third baby, many of them sent in their condolences. And others mentioned how much they love it that Zach is always there for her. Of course, they also see Zach being a caring dad with Lilah and her big brother Jackson. They see that on the TLC show, and on many of Tori’s posts on social media. Actually, many fans grew sick of Amy and Matt Roloff bickering on the show. So, they hoped that one day, they see a spinoff just featuring the young couple with their two adorable kids.

This week, fans heard that Little People, Big World returns for another season. At the moment Tori, Zach, and the kids film for it. And that means fans might hear more about her sad miscarriage. Even if they don’t, fans just love the idea of more about their lovely little family. Then, on Tuesday, March 23, Tori shared a photo of Zach and fans loved the way he held his daughter. Taken from quite far away, Tori nevertheless captured the moment very well they thought.

Zach Roloff Is Definitely A ‘Keeper’ Fans Agree

The LPBW star captioned her post with, “Husband. Dada. You’re the best, forget the rest.” Yes, many fans agree with that sentiment completely. So, a lot of them said some very nice things about her husband. One fan commented, “This photo is a keeper! You’re so blessed to have such a great partner (husband and dad)! It’s nice that you don’t take that for granted! Being married to your BFF is the best (in my opinion😍).”


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Then, another follower said to Tori Roloff, “You’ve got a keeper there Tori❤️❤️❤️.” Someone else sweetly told Zach, “You are the best daddy.” More compliments went the way of LPBW star Zach. And of course, many more said that they adored sweet little Lilah as well. Plus, as Tori tagged her photo with #toriroloffphotography, others suggested she frame the photo for a lifetime memory.

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