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Deadliest Catch Spoilers: Sig Hansen and Keith Colburn Get Riled Up

The new season of Deadliest Catch is not fully underway yet and its two captains are already butting heads over a difference in opinions. As for the captains and crews of Deadliest Catch, danger is nothing more than just a name associated with the job they do, as Alaskan Crab Fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. So you could imagine that a man braving the harshest and untamable elements in the world wouldn’t be afraid to speak his mind, even if his mind stings another person.

Deadliest Catch Spoilers – Sig Hansen Plans To Unite the Captains

As Deadliest Catch returns for its landmark 17th season this month, we see Sig Hansen, who we know since the show’s beginning, trying to get the captains to work together to save the industry due to the coronavirus pandemic that affected the 2021 crab season. It also prevented the Alaska Department of Fish and Game from conducting their annual season crab survey, so everyone’s in the dark about how big or little the crabs are in some areas, and even where they may be. “It’s a tough year and now our fisheries are on the line.”

They’ve got a five million pound quota to catch and Sig Hansen isn’t about to let the team fall behind. He has plans, but getting the rest of the captains to agree to his plan may yet prove to need further planning on Sig’s side. The captains all know what failure means, they’d have to wait two years in order to be able to try again.

According to Sig, the best way to keep the fishery going would be to get everybody to work together on Deadliest Catch and share the best techniques to find the crabs and other things. Sig thinks it will help them reach their quota faster and enable them to have a good season.

But not all the captains got on board with the plan, and Keith Colburn was very outspoken about his reluctance to do it the way Sig wanted.

Deadliest Catch Updates – Keith Colburn Disagrees

On the premiere of season 17 of Deadliest Catch, Sig Hansen suggests that they work as a grid which will help the captains to cover more square miles. “And be honest. If you’re not honest, it ain’t gonna work,” Sig explains to the captains.

Keith Colburn replied with, “If you’re honest, which is a very difficult word for you. In Norwegian, that’s like four syllables.”

Sig laughs it off, but doesn’t look all that happy about Keith’s remark.

“You’re asking multiple boats to try and work together as a team?” Keith questions Sig, who agrees with the statement, prompting Keith to add, “We have a hard enough time working together.”

Sig tried to defend his plan by saying that he doesn’t want anyone to fish for him, “That’s where I struggle Sig,” Keith sharply replies.

This obviously was more than Sig could handle, and he yells that he doesn’t want Keith to catch his crab. Keith displayed more control over his temper and calmly says, “You never say ‘we.’ You always say ‘me.’”

Sig repeats his earlier claim that he doesn’t want anyone fishing for him, and then proceeds to share the specifics of his plan. He believes that the captains sharing information with one another will increase their crab catching and make it possible for them to reach their quota, thereby keeping the fishery alive on Deadliest Catch.

Josh Harris then speaks up in support of Sig on DC, explaining that the old school mentality of “not telling anyone your secrets” is no longer an option. All the captains— including Keith Colburn—later agree to take part in his plan.

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