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Mama June: From Not to Hot Spoilers: Pumpkin Shannon and Husband Are Finished

Mama June: From Not to Hot Spoilers: Pumpkin Shannon and Husband Are FinishedMama June: From Not to Hot spoilers reveal that Josh Efrid has decided to leave Pumpkin Shannon. In the most recent episode, Pumpkin made allegations that Josh had been cheating on her. He works out of the state, in South Carolina, and as she gets ready for him to come home, she is extremely worried about what he will do next.

Pumpkin’s Biggest Fears

She wanted the first night home in weeks to be a good one. She cleaned the house and made sure that everything looked just perfect for her husband. She was thrilled that he was coming home and then realized just how late he was. Her anxieties really started to flare up as she didn’t hear from him for hours and then, of course, she expected the worst.

Pumpkin and Josh have never been easy on one another and when he finally gets home, Pumpkin reveals to him that she is pissed. She bumps into him more than once and on purpose and her overall attitude isn’t kind. He even asked her why she was mad and that is when she tells him that he was late for dinner and she worked really hard on making the home look good for him.

Pumpkin Has Some Questions

Josh is thrown off by all of the questions that Pumpkin has for him and she isn’t sure how to start off. She accuses him of doing much more in South Carolina than just working. He tells her that he doesn’t have friends there and as soon as he gets off of work, he goes to the hotel and sleeps. He told her that he does the same thing everyday. For some reason, Pumpkin really doesn’t believe that he goes to bed at 9. He tells her that he goes to bed early because he works really hard.


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No matter what Josh says to her, she doesn’t seem to believe him. She gets more and more angry as their evening progresses. After going on and on, Pumpkin kicks him out of the house. She locks the door and he can’t get back in. He slept on the porch all night and after more fighting, he tells her that he’s leaving and he does.

Could this be the end of their marriage? We will have to tune in for more Mama June: From Not to Hot.

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