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Little People Big World: Matt Roloff Building Caryn Chandler’s House Yet?

little people big world matt roloffLittle People Big World’s Matt Roloff has been working tirelessly on his farm for a long time. After a few months, Matt was able to build a cabin house.

Roloff Farm Update: The Little People Big World Cabin

This wooden home comes at a time when Matt, 59, and his wife Amy Roloff, are no longer together. According to reports, the couple has been said to live On the farm for 30 years. The couple, married for thirty years, divorced in 2016. However, Amy, 56, still lived there. This was until he bought her share of the farm.

Little People Big World’s Amy moved out last February and with the help of her fiancé Chris Marek, Roloff’s property is set to have a new look. On that note, Matt just completed a new log cabin. Compared to other properties within the farm, he claimed he made this one himself.

In a recent photo, he stood at the front of his new cabin with a large ax. This cabin has one window next to the front door and there’s also another window at the side. This wooden home also has a front porch with a bench and overhang covering. He named it ‘Grandpa’s cabin’ and he was pretty excited he could bring his vision to life.

LPBW Matt’s Next Goal: Building A House For Girlfriend Caryn Chandler

Aside from his recent accomplishment, Little People Big World’s Matt is currently working on a new building for him and his girlfriend. This is because Caryn, 53, said she doesn’t want to live in the same house Matt shared with his ex-wife. After facing harassment from her son, Caryn’s not ready to fill Amy’s shoes. She wants a fresh start and will do anything to make this possible.

Caryn Chandler has been Matt’s assistant for many years before they started dating. Rumor has it Caryn would not move into the farms until Matt is done with their ‘Dream Home’. At the moment, Caryn has put up her family home for sale at $350,000. She’s currently living in a small house in Oregon but she hopes to stay on the farm soon enough.

Previously, on Instagram, Little People Big World star Matt shared a photo of the dream house design he would love to start working on. He mentioned that everything needed to build his dream home was already in place. Now, with the permits submitted, work would commence this summer.

The designs for this dream home were unique. This luxury home has an expansive outdoor patio, large glass windows, wood-beamed ceilings, and many more. Many Little People Big World fans seeing this recent development commended the couple and wished them well in all their projects.

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