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Welcome to Plathville Star, Micah Plath, Reveals his Newest Creation

Our beloved American TV personality and aspiring model – who over time, have become a sensation to reckon with on the Television Channel reality franchise, just made the latest revelation about his achievement. Well, TLC fans were left in awe and happy to see his newest creation.

Truly, Micah Plath is an adventurist who has traveled a lot to many cities for his modeling career. He recently had a vacation at Panama City Beach, Florida in February 2019. During his stay over there, the welcome to Plathville celebrity revealed the creation he put up in Panama City Beach. Micah Plath told his Television Channel fans in his word that “he’d dig a seat for you in the sand”.

Captioning his message on social media, he displayed a photo of a bench seat he carved into the sand. The carved sandcastle seat was deep enough that he needed not to stretch out his legs. Rather, he sat in a normal position like he would seat if he was home enjoying the comfy of his apartment.

Micah Plath Flooded his Page with Amazing Pictures and Videos at the Beach

According to the many pictures and videos uploaded on Instagram, we can attest that the TLC fans-favorite had fun to the fullest while at Panama City Beach, Florida. We know this for sure as we see him spread out a multicolored blanket over the sandcastle bench he had created, sitting pretty comfortable for the cameras with the priceless smile on his face, and showing off his muscles and toned body.

Micah said he enjoyed the comfy beach sand seat he made while speaking to fans on his Instastory. Fans on the other end affirmed that Micah Plath looked amazing and that his latest beach creation was brilliant. For many of them, they would love to share the sandcastle sofa with him.

Micah Plath had Revealed his Little Vacation at the Panama City Beach, Florida

For the last few months, Micah had been vacationing in Florida and many Welcome to Plathville followers believed that he was still there. A fan was quick to spot that the beach from his pictures didn’t have the obvious Orlando background since Orlando isn’t on the Ocean. And Micah in his response in the comment section affirmed that he was in Panama. Well, the truth revealed that he wasn’t at the Republic of Panama but he was in Panama City Beach in Florida.


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Could this be Love Happening to Micah Plath?

In the second season of the reality franchise; welcome to Planthville, Micah went out on a date with Helena Parrish – she helped him out on his first modeling shoot. However, the duo concluded at that time that they were better off as platonic friends rather than couples.

Besides, Helena aired her concerns that Micah hadn’t experienced enough in the dating world. So, it was ideal that she gave him sometime apart to explore other options with ladies before trying to commit himself to a relationship. No doubt, they enjoyed each other’s company and they may be in a flirty friendship at the moment, but they have remained good friends until today.

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