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Little People Big World: How Is Tori Roloff After Her Miscarriage?

Little People Big World: How Is Tori Roloff After Her Miscarriage?Little People, Big World fans heard that Tori Roloff suffered from a miscarriage. She shared the sad news on her Instagram five days ago. Sadly, she and her husband Zach had hoped to share happier news with their fans. Actually, many TLC fans already suspected a pregnancy. Naturally devastated, she sounded very down at the time. But how is the mom of two now? Is she feeling any better?

Little People, Big World – Tori Talked About Heartbreak When She Miscarried

Tori’s fans saw a photo of a vase of flowers set in the grass with a cross-stitch. Obviously made with love, it showed a caricature rendition of herself, Zach, and their adorable kids, Lilah and Jackson. Next to them stood Jesus who held a baby. TLC fans know that Tori attends church and finds support from her church community. So, she took some comfort from knowing that “the first face our little girl or boy got to see was Jesus.” The miscarriage news came when they went for her eight-week ultrasound. The baby died two weeks before that, so she was unaware that she’d already lost the little one.

Sharing her story, the Little People, Big World star said that she hoped her story about her miscarriage touches someone who also lost a child. She talked about “healing” and the joy of knowing that she already birthed two lovely kids. Additionally, Tori Roloff praised her husband Zach. She said, “My husband has been my unwavering rock through this whole journey. He has been by my side through it all and I couldn’t have done it without him.” Naturally, many TLC fans sent in their condolences. But how’s she handling it all now?

Little People Big World: How Is Tori Roloff After Her Miscarriage?

How Is Tori Doing After Losing Her Baby?

The day after the Little People, Big World star shared the news about losing the baby, Tori returned to Instagram. This time, she shared three photos of her two kids, Lilah and Jackson. In her caption, she clearly indicated that she still works through her loss. She said, “We are not alone. We are loved. We are supported.🤍” And, she shared her thanks to the many fans who reached out in love. After her own sad experience, Tori said that she prays for those who contacted her with their own tragic stories.

In a follow-up post which she shared on Instagram Stories on Thursday, The Little, People Big World star suggested that she starts returning to life. Tori Roloff shared a total of two slides and a short gif clip. On a card, she said that “the last two weeks have been a blur.” Clearly, she only just starts feeling like her old self. She mentioned how she put “zero effort” into herself. However, she felt like now, she believes she’ll “be okay.” In the gif clip, she looked attractive and well, dressed, apparently for the first time in days. She and Zach went on a date night and Tori added a loving message to him.

Hopefully, while she always feels her loss, soon, Tori Roloff recovers from the devastating death of their baby. Remember to check back with us often for more news, spoilers and updates about TLC’s Little People, Big World.

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