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Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Shares Photo Of Someone Who Lights Up Her Life

Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Shares Photo Of Someone Who Lights Up Her LifeSister Wives spoilers and updates reveal fans sometimes see Meri Brown post up photos of Robyn Brown’s child, Ari. The cute little girl is the product of Kody and Robyn’s marriage, but Meri doesn’t mind that. Clearly, Ari (Ariella) is one of her family favorites. Now, she shared a photo that revealed Ari covered her in stickers. In her caption, Meri gushed about her very sweet personality.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown Gushes Over Robyn’s Child Ari

TLC fans sometimes lose track of all the kids in Kody’s family. He and Meri only produced one child, Mariah. But Christine had six kids, and Janelle also produced the same amount. After he married Robyn they welcomed Solomon and little Ariella. Plus, he adopted her three kids, Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna. Apart from Mariah, it seems that of all the kids, Meri Brown dotes on Ari the most.

In January this year, the Sister Wives family celebrated Ari’s fifth birthday. Meri caught up with Robyn and went and joined in. Meri shared about it on her Instagram, and it revealed a theme with confetti-filled balloons. She captioned her post with, “Cutie patootie overload here!” Additionally, she said, “she’s one of the highest highlights in my world for sure!” And it’s not the first time she gushed over Robyn’s daughter. Back in August last year, she loved listening to Ari’s not-so-scary tales around the campfire. Now, she shared a new picture and gushed about Ari all over again.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Shares Photo Of Someone Who Lights Up Her Life

Sister Wives Updates – Cute Photo of Ari Who Brightens Meri’s Day

On Tuesday this week, Sister Wives star Meri Brown shared another wonderful message about Ari’s personality. The photo which revealed her covered in stickers showed her cuddling Ariella. She wrote, “This girl…. she lights up my life! She’s a bundle of spitfire and spunk, and love and compassion.” Admiring the little girl more, Meri also added, “She’ll take care of you and make sure you feel loved.” Meri likes that Robyn’s child makes her feel she’s the “center” of her universe. And certainly, Ari became the center of Meri’s.

Describing Ari as “perfect in every way,” Meri talked about hanging with her. The Sister Wives star thinks it’s rather cute that Ari covered her in “stickers.” In the comments section, fans discussed how much like her dad Kody, Ari looks. But one fan noted, “Haha! I thought those stickers were part of your jacket! I was going to say cute jacket!” And other TLC fans just loved the big smile on Meri’s face. After all, in the show, fans see Meri sad and unhappy with more tears over her broken relationship with Kody.

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