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Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Weight Loss

christine brown weight loss instagram sister wivesSister Wives’ Christine Brown has wowed fans with her weight loss journey. Kody Brown’s third wife undoubtedly inspired many people with similar weight issues after disclosing the price she paid for her incredible new looks.

Although Christine Brown was a source of inspiration to thousands of Instagram followers, many were worried over her new physique rather than giving her thumbs up for it. Some people believed she went to the extreme trying to shed weight, while others made comments on how unhealthy and stressed she looked now. Surprisingly, the negative comments didn’t bother Christine Brown a bit as she went ahead sharing new pictures of herself on her Instagram page.

Christine Brown Shows Off Weight Loss

In her Instagram post, Christine shared a picture with a caption advertising her online cloth line business. “Sometimes outfits just come together!” – She wrote on her page. Many Sister Wives fans praised her in the comment section afterward. A fan went as far as to ask the diet she was on.

In 2019, Christine Brown surprised many fans of the reality show after sharing her weight loss journey. From then until now, she did not quit her diet and this has been impressive to millions of her followers.

Is Christine’s New Look A Cause For Concern?

Christine Brown had some of her fans worried. In January 2021, many followers of the celebrity became curious about her continuous weight loss. They thought she had gone too far with the journey and looking unhealthy.

I guess her looks back in January made no sense as some fans asked why she looked different and why she’d lost so much weight within a short period, however, other people attributed the weight loss to stress.

Kody Brown and his wives have been having financial difficulties. His debts, according to reports have accumulated and have been stressing his wives; mostly Christine Brown. And she is believed to be the running around, trying to make sales on social media to help her husband pay off these accumulated debts.

Christine Brown’s Insecurities With Sister Wives

While revealing to her fans during the 15th premiere of Sister Wives, Christine said until this present year, she was still super jealous of her co-wives but was very sorry about it. She said sometimes, she felt like the basement wife who had nothing to contribute during family gatherings.

Could Christine Brown’s recent weight loss be a result of her feeling insecure and trying to make herself appear more attractive then her Sister Wives?  Let us know what you think below, check back with TV Soap Videos for more Christine Brown news and weight loss updates here.

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