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This Is Us Mandy Moore Explains Why They Named Their Son August

This Is Us Mandy Moore Explains Why They Named Their Son AugustAfter keeping her fans curious for a while, Mandy has decided to speak on why they named their son August.

Mandy Moore: Why We Named Our Child August

The story behind the name, August Harrison, Goldsmith, has been unknown for a while. Mandy Moore, 36, posted a photo of her baby boy on Instagram while he slept in a green blanket. Embroidered on this blanket was the name of her son, August. According to her, August was the month when she and her husband, Taylor Goldsmith discovered that they were going to have a son. It was a name they loved, and they wanted to have the name settled before the baby’s arrival.

As it turns out, the blanket was a gift from Goldsmith to mark the couple’s anniversary. In her post on Instagram, she wrote “Then for our anniversary in November, T gifted me with this blanket with “A” (for Amanda) made from extra material from my wedding dress and “T” (for Taylor) from his wedding shirt”. According to Mandy, it felt like a “fitting imagination” of their story as a couple.

Before GIving Birth to August

The news about August’s birth was posted on social media on Tuesday, February 23, by the couple. Moore considered her child to be punctual as they gave birth to him at the due date. This news comes weeks after the couple was anxious about their son’s delivery. Early February, on one of her posts on Instagram, she complained that her platelets were dropping out and it has slightly affected her birth plan.

Mandy, who was quite open about everything, talked about her struggles with fertility and what she went through during the first trimester. During her interview with Romper, she was quite skeptical about the whole issue. This was because she had some issues with her uterus.


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She revealed that she had to “hold her breath” during the first quarter. She never believed it was real until after a few months. She was recently interviewed by the Informed Pregnancy Podcast and she revealed that she would be having more children soon.

In her own words, getting pregnant is a privilege. Not all folks are capable of doing this. She said she would love to get pregnant and have more babies.

The couple has been married for two years with no issue. The announcement about August’s birth came three days after a member of the royal family, princess Eugene, named her first son August as well. In 2019, Reports from the Social Security Administration revealed that the name August is ranked No. 167 in the United states. This name has become quite popular and its popularity has exponentially increased since 2019.

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