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Life After Lockup Spoilers: Lacey Whitlow’s Baby Girl Has Finally Arrived

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Lacey Whitlow’s Baby Girl Has Finally ArrivedLife After Lockup spoilers and updates reveal finally, the baby is here and the new mother has shared the first photos of her baby girl with the world. Summer Rayne, unborn at the time, was the main focus of the storyline on Life After Lockup where her mother is best known for the love triangle between her and two former inmates, Shane and John. And this is the very first baby that she and Shane produced together.

Life After Lockup Spoilers – Sharing photos of new baby

WEtv fans first suspected that Lacey could be pregnant even before she officially revealed it by herself. Later, she broke the news with the photo of the baby after getting a scan. Following the scan, people got to see the first glimpse of the baby to come. But she didn’t reveal the gender of the baby then.

She used In Vitro Fertilization procedure in order to conceive, and soon after the procedure was done, the parents received news that they carried three kids. Unfortunately, only one of the triplets made it, and her name is Summer Rayne.

This is the fourth child that Lacey Whitlow has, and the first with her husband Shane. The star of Life After Lockup had previously been asked who the previous father/fathers of her two sons and young daughter were, and she finally shared a picture of a man in late February, named Wesley Foster, saying, “For y’all wondering where my baby daddies at… here’s one for y’all.”

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Lacey Whitlow’s Baby Girl Has Finally Arrived

She continued by warning people off of drugs and saying that she could never be with any man that chooses drugs over everything. “Drugs are bad y’all, they take you away from the people who love you.”

Life After Lockup Spoilers Updates – Rainbow Baby Summer

Lacey shared her excitement about the new baby on the show, “We are absolutely in love with baby Summer Rayne. She’s the perfect rainbow baby. She’s truly heaven sent and we are so happy.”

She didn’t allow her WEtv fans to wait long to catch a glimpse of the new-born, as she shared some pics on Instagram. One of the photos revealed the name of the baby, while the other one shows her holding the baby with the caption, “THIS IS WHAT TRUE LOVE LOOKS LIKE… thank you for watching my journey! I ended up so BLESSED with the most amazing beautiful baby!”

As could be expected, fans of the reality TV show Life After Lockup flooded the post with comments of congratulations and well-wishes, and did I mention that the baby’s adorable?

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