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Duggar Family Spoilers: There’s A 423 Questionnaire To Fill Before Courtship Is Approved

Duggar Family Spoilers: There’s A 423 Questionnaire To Fill Before Courtship Is ApprovedEver wondered how the Duggar clan can be able to maintain all their strict rules about dating and marriage? Casual dating, along with premarital sex and divorce are all abominable in the Duggars’ world, so the step before courtship is an intense and highly scrutinized process.

Once there’s a go-ahead order from Jim Bob to begin courting, everything usually sails smoothly from then on and marriage comes rather quickly after courtship for the family. So often that the Duggars get engaged just a few weeks after courtship begins and get married in a few weeks more.

It’s not too shocking to learn that the whole marriage process is like a ritual designed to select only the best mates. Wouldn’t want the grandkids to be bred from inferior breeds, now would we?

The Selection Process

Jim Bob’s got the whole process right down to science, or rather, a supposedly 45 pages worth of paper. If you’re a potential Duggar suitor, you better have the mind to sit through the questionnaire and fill out every single question. And some of them are weird, believe me. It’s like that one awkward interview you attended in your dream.

But despite this weird family ritual, the Duggars are never for want of a partner who’s willing to go down the ropes with them and ride on every wave. In fact 9 of them are happily hitched, and the latest one, Justin Duggar, 18, got married on Feb. 26. I’m just going to take a moment to feel jealous, because I don’t get why I ask a guy one little question and he thinks I’m weird, while the Duggar family asks 423!

Okay, I’m past the jealousy stage, where were we?

Yes, the brutal questions, and it is believed that both male and female courtship partners are forced to answer the questions. The responses are reviewed by the man of the family, James Robert Duggar, and no one proceeds before he gives his seal of approval.

You’d think that having 19 kids is the weirdest they can get, but oh well.

Due to a feud happening between Derrick and Jim Bob for some time, the audience got updates on the infamous questionnaire when Derrick asked Jeremy Vuolo, who was courting Jinger Duggar at the time of filming the episode, if he got asked about his financial situation. Derrick went on to mention where the actual question can be found in the paper.

Following a brief argument on the actual length of this courtship-seeking application, it turns out that the current model clocks in at 423 questions.

Weird family traditions comes with weird family questions

Okay, just to give you a highlight of the question-answer situation, especially if you’re thinking about getting yourself a Duggar in the future, here’s a few of the weirdest questions Jim Bob contrived.

The very first question that is asked in the first section titled “Life Influences” is if you ever seek advice from others? Well, sources say that if the answer is not Jesus, as your Lord and Savior, you’ve already failed the examination process, means nothing if you got all the other questions right. Jesus has to be your role model and hero as well and you have to be the result of the influence of Jesus.

Then you have to write down the personality traits you desire to see in your spouse, what you read, (cough, cough, Bible obviously), would you be willing to die for Christ, (duh, that’s why you’re filling out this questionnaire, isn’t it?)

We’re now heading into the spiritual, so heads-up, you should know what a besetting sin is, I would totally cheat and reveal it to you, but I don’t know what it means.

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