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Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Says No One Is Stuck In Their Marriage, Each Wife Has Option To Leave

Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Says No One Is Stuck In Their Marriage, Each Wife Has Option To LeaveSister Wives Spoilers suggest that Christine Brown is the latest of Kody Brown’s wives who seem to have an issue with staying in their marriage. Christine has openly mentioned several times that she wants to move back to Utah. However, fans seem to believe that the wives are stick in the marriage. Meri Brown, Kody Brown’s first and at one time only legal wife, states that Kody always gave her and the other wives the option to leave.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown And Kody Brown Have Been Apart For Years

When Sister wives Robyn Brown joined the family in 2010, Meri was the legal wife. However, in late 2014 or early 2015 that changed. Kody Brown could not adopt Robyn’s children unless they were legally married which meant that Kody would have to divorce Meri and legally marry Robyn. Although nothing was supposed to change, it did.

Meri had tried to get Kody to have another child with her before this divorce, however, Kody refused because IVF was the suggested way to conceive a child. Later, Robyn even offered to carry a baby for Meri and Kody but that was shot down as well. After the divorce, Meri was hurt and looked for comfort on the internet. Unfortunately, Meri was a victim of a catfish scheme and Kody never got over it.

Kody Brown Has Said The Marriage Is Over

Sister wives Kody has stated more than once that his and Meri’s marriage is over. Kody says he if and Meri wanted to be together, they would be. However, Meri seems to be hanging on for some reason and even admits to still loving Kody. Meri doesn’t want to leave, or at least it doesn’t look that way because she owns her own bed and breakfast in Utah.

Sister Wives Updates – Recently Meri Has Been Defending Both Kody Brown And Robyn Brown

Sister wives Meri has been on Twitter recently defending not only Kody Brown and her place as his first wife but Robyn Brown as well. It seems that Meri wants to make sure to be in the family whether she and Kody have a relationship or not. Meri doesn’t want to see fans blaming Robyn for the problems within the family. Meri even argued with one fan over Robyn’s appearance in the Sister wives tv show. Someone argued that Robyn hasn’t been there from the start. According to Meri, Robyn appeared in the first show after the first 20 minutes and has been there ever since.

All the wives may be free to leave if they want, but so far, none of them seem to be moving very quickly to go anywhere. This lifestyle seems to work for them and perhaps fans need to let them be happy.

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