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Fans Excited As Deadliest Catch Returns To Our Screen With New Season

Fans Excited As Deadliest Catch Return To Our Screen With New SeasonThe wait is finally over; Deadliest Catch season 17 is set to be released this spring. Having waited for a while, fans are thrilled to know that their lovely TV series will return sooner rather than later.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Season

The latest season promises to be more exciting and intriguing than the previous episodes. This season will witness Johnathan Hillstrand’s return. It will equally reveal captain Sig Hansen’s survival plans and strategies.

The starts of the new season saw a surprised Sig staring at a deserted harbor. Having spent 42 years on Alaska’s Dutch Harbour, they confessed the city hasn’t been this empty and dry. To say the captain was surprised will be an understatement as he is close to shedding tears for whatever happened to his beloved city.

“It’s looking pretty empty in here. Never seen anything like this. Not a soul walks on the harbor. Businesses are closing. Mask requirement signs hang around the entire harbor.” the captain laments over the harbor’s state.

There is a significant threat to people’s lives as there is a very slim chance of survival. Just as we saw in previous seasons, the crew members know how to strive for survival, but this time the challenges are more than what they have ever encountered in the past.

Fans Excited As Deadliest Catch Return To Our Screen With New Season

While addressing his men, Captain Sig made it clear that the fishery’s fate lies in their hands because their failure could lead to the fishing industry’s end. Captain Sig isn’t ready to give up the fishing business without a try; hence, he comes up with a plan to save their lives and the fishing industry.

However, he needs everyone to give their best to boost their hopes and chances of winning the battle of life. He calls for unity and commitment as that is the only thing capable of seeing them out of the unwanted situations they found themselves in.

Covid-19 Outbreak Largely Responsible For Crew’s Misfortune

Unfortunately for Sig Hansen and the Alaskan crab crew member, they are in this worrying condition due to the Covid-19 outbreak, which successfully crippled many businesses and occupations all through 2020.

Last edition of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s summer crab survey was postponed due to the pandemic, thereby leaving the crew with no clue about where to hunt for more significant portions of the crab.

In the same vein, 85 crew members on the Aleutian Chain are uncertain for a role this season has tested positive for the highly contagious disease. Interestingly, Legendary crabber Johnathan Hillstrand (F/V Time Bandit) is making a return to the show after coming out of retirement. Likewise, Captain “Wild” Bill Wichrowski, Mandy Hansen Pedersen, and Phil Harris all appear in the 17th season of the TV series.

Deadliest Catch Set To Premiere Next Month

Captain Sig Hansen’s plan is carried out in the latest season, but did it provide the solution they so much desire? Stay glued to your TV set as the season of Deadliest Catch is set to premiere on the 20th of April at 8/7c. It will be aired on Discovery Family on cable, some streaming services, discovery+, and Discovery Live.

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