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Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Brown’s Skin Cancer

Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Brown’s Skin CancerSister Wives spoilers show us that Janelle Brown is ready to open up more about the times that she has had skin cancer. One of the wives of Kody Brown on the hit TLC show, told her fans that she had a non-malignant ulcer that was on her mouth for years. She finally decided to get it checked out.

The Final Diagnosis

Janelle was very happy that she went to see her doctor about the growth. She told her fans that she frequently got cold sores and she just thought it was one since that was the area that she got them a lot. When she noticed that it hadn’t gone away, but did get a little bigger, she decided to finally get it checked out. It turns out that it was a basal cell carcinoma.

The ulcer was removed from her upper lip and it was a success with no complications. She shared a picture with her fans on Instagram and her fans were very happy that the removal went well. She captioned it, “Many of you have been noticing and reaching out to me about the blemish above my lip in the new episodes. I started to see what looked like a scar develop in an area on my lip where all of my cold sore for the past two decades have erupted. At first I thought it was a new cold sore forming, but then it never developed and just stayed.”

The Doctors Save The Day

Janelle went on to tell fans, “I started treating it with every scar medication I could find, thinking it was my body reacting to the years of trauma to that area of my face. It was a basal cell carcinoma, skin cancer, non-malignant, but it still needed to be removed. I am happy to report that it was removed and all is well. You have to know that I am very very careful to always apply sunscreen.”

We are so happy that Janelle is doing good and that the doctors were able to remove it safely.

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