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What’s Next For Kate Chastain After Leaving Below Deck?

What's Next For Kate Chastain After Leaving Below Deck?Fans of the American reality television series ‘Below Deck‘ were shocked when they found out that their favorite actress Alum Kate Chastain won’t play any role in season seven of the well-watched show. Before her shocking decision, Kate was one of the most impressive performers as she seamlessly acted the role of Captain Lee Rosbach’s employee for six seasons.

Lauded by fans for her sense of humor and sarcasm, Kate was one of the characters viewers loved to see in every episode of the exciting TV series.

Unfortunately, the actress was reportedly not on good terms with her male acting counterparts in the latest season. Hence, she decided to put an end to her participation in the show.

It is revealed that Kate was forced to make such decisions as she wasn’t content with the level of success she has enjoyed in her path.

Kate Relocates To New York For A Fresh Start

Few months after bidding her farewell to the Below Deck crew, the highly-rated actress relocated to New York to venture into a new career path by starting a new radio series tagged “Unapologetically Kate Chastain.”

Unfortunately, it was short-lived as she was forced to return to Florida due to the Covid-19 enforced global shutdown, which lasted for over three months. Just as everyone else, Kate saw her career stalled for a while as she couldn’t go all-out to rejuvenate her acting and broadcasting professions.

Though the pandemic didn’t permit physical contacts or free-range movements, it provided Kate all the time and opportunity to explore her writing potentials. The 38-year-old actress decided to share her experience in a fast-selling book titled ‘Lucky Charming.’

Meanwhile, Kate has broken her silence about life since quitting her role in the TV series. Speaking in an interview, the actress said her quest for something new and unique was one reason for her actions.

According to her, Kate receives a good income as one of the ‘Below Deck’ crews, but she had to move on in her career and pursue more remarkable successes. She equally disclosed that her new production company was massively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as they became remote.

Kate Remains Committed To Charity Programs Amidst Uncertain Future

Despite recent unimpressive happenings around the actress, Kate is primarily committed to charity programs; one of them is her Florida-based non-profit Genesis House. Media outlet Screen Rant earlier suggested that through Genesis House, Kate provides shelter for homeless women and children.

With an estimated $300,000 net worth and a $75k annual payment, Kate was one of the highest paid ‘Below Deck’ crews before backing out last year.

Will Kate Rescind Her Decision And Return To Below Deck?

That’s one of the questions on everyone’s lips, although she hasn’t left the Below Deck Universe entirely as she is still involved in some of the company’s projects, including ‘Watch With Kate’ — where she produced a magnificent commentary on Below Deck Mediterranean (season 5) and Below Deck Gallery Talk.

As we speak, Kate’s chances of returning to Below Deck remains slim but not impossible. Having failed to maintain her status as Bravo’s Chat Room co-host, Kate has a huge decision to make regarding her career and plans. We promise to keep you posted as events unfold regarding the star actress.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Below Deck right now. Come back here often for Below Deck spoilers, news, and updates.

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