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Jill Duggar Called Out For Abusing Her Newly Adopted Dog

Jill Duggar Called Out For Abusing Her Newly Adopted DogRecently, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard, adopted a dog from a neighboring shelter home. After acquiring the dog, Jill has asked her teeming fans how to go about training and caring for the dog. Although her fans lauded her efforts, they were skeptical about the living conditions and overall well-being of the dog.

The family recently adopted the dog, a Belgian Shepherd breed, and named her Fenna. After her adoption, the family has released several YouTube videos about their new puppy. Duggar fans, though glad about the new member of their family, seem upset about how the dog has been treated.

Jill Duggar Receives Negative Reaction For Badly Treating Her Dog

In a YouTube video, released a few days ago, it appeared Jill and Derick decided that the dog should be kept outside their home.The family recently bought an igloo for the dog and have been keeping the canine outside. This prompted her fans to storm her page, requesting that she should at least, let the puppy live inside the house with them.

Katie Joy Lambasts Jill

Katie Joy, an outspoken critic of Duggar who starred in ‘ without a crystal ball’ bared her mind on the issue. while commenting on social media, Katie Joy opined that the couple after acquiring a dog that was trained in a house, have decided that the dog was unfit to live with them, thereby pushing the dog to live outside their home. She further commented, that this act of theirs was carried out when the dog needed them most but she chose to be creating content instead.

Jill Duggar Called Out For Abusing Her Newly Adopted Dog

Katie Joy went ahead to clarify that there are numerous threats, dogs that are made to live outside homes may face. They might be assaulted by other animals or affected by bad weather conditions. Katie recommended that the dog should be trained, rather than scolding her, which Jill was doing while in the video she posted. Katie explained that the dog does not comprehend what Jill was saying, thus, scolding her was not a good idea.

Some of Jill’s fans have been commenting that Jill probably would not have been given the dog if the shelter agency knew she would end up keeping the dog outside.

Another act of Jill’s that solidified her criticisms was when she used cayenne pepper on the dog. In Jill’s defense, she was merely utilizing means of deterring the dog from digging in her backyard. This received a wide backlash from her fans.

Katie Joy also commented, she outlined the dangers associated with using cayenne pepper on dogs. Katie told Jill that rather than using Cayenne pepper on her dog, she should buy more toys for the dog which would always keep her busy, and prevent chances of burrowing again.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on Jill’s alleged mistreatment of her dogs? tell us Counting On fans in the comment section.

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