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Chrissy Metz Drops Shocking This Is Us Spoilers About Kate’s Future & Weight Loss

chrissy metz this is us spoilers kate pearson season 7Ever since Chrissy Metz as This Is Us’ Kate stripped down in order to weigh herself season 1, she’s captured our attention and sympathy. We’ve watched Kate Pearson grow as a character, enjoyed Chrissy’s hints about the future of the show, and wished that This Is Us would go on forever.

The creator of This Is Us has stated that the show will not continue past the soon-to-arrive sixth season. But Chrissy Metz is giving us hope that the ultimatum could change.  And Metz didn’t stop there. She also dropped some unexpected hints about Kate’s future.

Is Chrissy Metz’s Character Lagging In Emotional Growth?

Viewers have watched the “Big Three” adults (Kate, Randall, and Kevin) gradually grow emotionally. Kevin progressed from putting his career first to focusing on his family, while Randall confronted what it meant to grow up Black in a white family.

And then there’s Kate. While Chrissy Metz’ Kate matured by confronting her abusive boyfriend from her past, there’s one area that has some wondering. What happened to the plan to show Kate’s emotional growth through shedding her excess pounds?

When This Is Us first began, Chrissy Metz said that she had signed a weight loss contract. Metz subsequently clarified that she did not have a specific goal weight written into her contract.

As for This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman’s take on Chrissy Metz’s weight, he admitted that a “general long-term plan” existed for the character Kate.  “We will adjust the plan as needed,” added Fogelman.

chrizzy mets kate pearson this is us spoilers 2021

But if Kate is intended to at least lose some of the weight before the show wraps up, how long before Chrissy appears in public looking slimmer?

Metz hasn’t answered that question. But she did drop a shocking clue or two about what she sees in her future on the show.

Could Chrissy Metz’s Kate Get Her Own Spin-Off Show?

In contrast to producers’ statements that This Is Us will end after the sixth season, Chrissy hinted that there are two possible scenarios that would allow us to see Kate grow emotionally (and possibly lose weight).

First, Metz has appeared optimistic about additional seasons. She pointed out that the creator could potentially suggest a season 7. And then there’s another scenario that would allow Team Kate fans to watch Chrissy’s character take This Is Us in a new direction.

“Who knows? There might be a spinoff,” hinted Chrissy Metz.  As for whether viewers feel that Kate needs to lose weight to wrap up the Big Three’s story arc on This Is Us, the Reddit community for the show appears divided. One popular thread, however, offered an theory:

“For Kate’s character arc to have a satisfying conclusion she needs to lose weight,” wrote the viewer. “Her character arc isn’t just about body positivity/acceptance (which she already has), her arc is about overcoming trauma (Jack’s death) and losing weight to improve both her physical and mental health.”

This viewer suggested that in order to lose significant weight by season six, Metz would need a body double. However, a  This Is Us spin-off (or seventh season), would give Chrissy the chance to both shed pounds and portray Kate achieving her goals emotionally and physically.

Check back here for more Chrissy Metz news and This Is Us spoilers and updates.

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