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Welcome to Plathville Spoilers: Everything To Know About Season 3 Of The Show

Welcome to Plathville Spoilers: Everything To Know About Season 3 Of The ShowWelcome to Plathville spoilers and updates reveal It is still unclear if the TLC show will be returning for a third season. It would be hard to see why producers and the network wouldn’t bring the TLC series with so much storyline left to explore.

When we last saw the Plath’s they were struggling with their eldest son and his wife, who they think is a bad influence. There is also the ongoing storylines involving all of the youngest children and their independent challenges, love interests and friends.

Welcome to Plathville  Spoilers – Olivia and Ethan Possible Move

If the show does return there is a very strong chance we will be seeing the fallout from Ethan’s decision to move away from his parents, who do not like his wife, Olivia. Her casual drinking, struggles with her mental health and listening to non-christian music has really upset Plath parents, Kim and Barry.

In the end, Kim and Barry told Ethan that he and Olivia were not allowed to see his other siblings unless one of them was present to supervise the situation. This appeared to create a whole new level of anger and resentment. Ethan made the decision to say goodbye to his siblings and veer away from both of his parents as he plans to stay with Olivia.

“As far as I can see it, there still will be no contact between us. And I’d like to say goodbye to my siblings and say goodbye to you,” Ethan told his parents at the end of season two.

There may be more drama down the pike as Olivia was recently seen on her IG promoting mental health awareness, showing off her symbolic rings, but fans didn’t see her wedding ring.

The good news however, Olivia is back in therapy. “I started again last month, just realizing that I was not in a healthy place and I needed to work through things,” the reality star shared.


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Welcome to Plathville Updates – Plathville Siblings

When we last saw the other Plathville siblings, Micah wanted to model while Moriah had no idea what she wanted to do. Since, Micah is said to have a girlfriend from Troy University in Alabama. This of course could kick off some drama. Will fans meet Micah’s new girlfriend Caroline in season 3?

Meanwhile, Moriah has news of her own. The 17-year-old is back with boyfriend Max Kallschmidt. Kallschmidt made mention on his social media that they were actually working on season 3 of Welcome to Plathville. But didn’t reveal much else.

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