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Queen Of The South To End In Its Fifth Season

Queen Of The South To End In Its Fifth SeasonFans of the popular drama series, ‘Queen of The South,’ will be bidding farewell to the exciting show as it airs for the fifth and final year come April, this year. The Alice Braga-led show is one of the most-watched series in the United States.

The series which was created on the foundations of the celebrated bestselling novel by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, La Reina Del Sur, Queen of the South, is a recount of the travails faced by Teresa Mondeza, a woman of influence in the drug cartel chain and “heroine” of the series. The character is played in the series by the amazing actress, Alice Braga.

Who is Teresa Mondeza?

In the story, Teresa Mondeza makes a haven for herself in the United States after fleeing from the clutches of the powerful Mexican cartel. While in the United States on self-imposed exile, she plots a series of background moves that will eventually see her regain control of the large drug empire she once headed.

Queen Of The South Finally Ending.

The season finale announcement was made by broadcasters of the drama series, USA Network. The fifth and final season will start airing across the United States from the 7th of April. A promo trailer and poster were also unveiled as part of the press release.

In a press statement jointly released by the three executive producers of the series – Ben Lobato, David Friendly, and Dailyn Rodriguez, they were full of praise, appreciation and paid their respect to the hard work done by the entire crew, scriptwriters, actors, and actresses, who made Queen Of The South such a big success. They further went on to recount the many experiences shared during the shooting of the series across different cities of the world, like Malta, New Orleans, and Mexico City. They paid special honor to the contribution of Alice Braga, who played the role of Teresa Modenza with so much passion, commitment, and professionalism.

They expressed the hope that ardent followers of the drama series will have a memorable experience watching season five when it premieres.

The Series Increases Popularity of Latin America Sitcoms

Frances Berwick, the chairman of Entertainment Networks, in her press statement, said the success of the series was an attestation of the boundaries the female gender can attain through hard work and commitment. The Queen of the South has made the Latin America soap opera Centre very popular in the united states as well. She also thanked the entire broadcasting crew and their broadcasting partners in the United States, who helped to bring the show closer to the populace for five years straight.

The producers have promised that the season finale will be as highly entertaining as previous seasons of the series, with an ending that will give viewers that feeling of fulfillment at watching the series through to its final season.

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