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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Is Bonnie Lockhart Really Adrienne?

days of our lives spoilers next week bonnie lockhart, dool cast judi evans, adrienne kiriakis soap opera news 2021Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers next week suggest that there is something big about to be revealed about Bonnie Lockhart (Judi Evans), could Bonnie be Adrienne Kiriakis?

DOOL Spoilers & Recap: Adrienne Kiriakis Was Alone That Day

Days of Our Lives Adrienne was alone on Mother day 2019. Sonny Kiriakis (Freddy Smith) had arranged for a spa day at the Kiriakis mansion. Bonnie could have come to the mansion and traded places with Adrienne at any time that day.

Bonnie has a tendency to which places with Adrienne. Orpheus could have also had a hand in the switch as well. Could another unknown switch have taken place?

Dr. Rolf Could Have Saved Adrienne Kiriakis On NBC Days Soap Opera

Days of Our Lives spoilers next week show Dr. Rolf (William Utay) loves to prove what a genius he is. Rolf could have intervened and saved Adrienne’s life just to prove what a genius he is. Could Bonnie have died and Rolf switched their bodies? Rolf has no reason to help out the Kiriakis family but he could have done it to spite Orpheus.

Perhaps Rolf has a soft spot for Adrienne Kiriakis on NBC Days and wanted to keep her alive. Rolf doesn’t have any logical rhyme or reason for the things he does. However, if it provides him with a challenge, Rolf will take it on to prove how brilliant he is. Did Rolf save Adrienne after her car accident? Is Bonnie the one that died that faithful night? Could both Bonnie Lockhart (Judi Evans) and Adrienne still be alive?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers In Two Weeks Plus: Justin Kiriakis Is Attracted To Bonnie Lockhart

Days of Our Lives spoilers next week show Justin is very attracted to Bonnie. Some speculation is because Bonnie and Adrienne look so much alike. What if Justin senses more than that? Could Justin subconsciously know that Bonnie is Adrienne instead?

DOOL recaps reveal Justin and Adrienne have always had a close connection. Justin also would not be easily attracted to Bonnie no matter how much she looks like his wife.

Has Bonnie truly have changed allowing Justin to love her or is there more to the story? Could Bonnie be more sensitive now because she has changed this much or is Adrienne’s personality coming out after all this time? Could Bonnie have been brainwashed to believe she is Adrienne or has Adrienne been brainwashed to believe she is Bonnie?

Will Days of Our Lives’ Justin be reunited with the love of his life or is Bonnie there for him to make a fresh start? What secrets are there left to be revealed about Bonnie?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Days right now. Come back here often for Days Of Our Lives spoilers in two weeks, plus news, and updates.


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