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Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Still Protects Kody Despite His Bad Attitude

Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Still Protects Kody Despite His Bad AttitudeSister Wives spoilers and updates reveal in the recent episode of Sister Wives, Meri Brown appears to act like a saint. Many fans are yet to understand her game as she’s constantly protecting Kody Brown. From the episodes shown on the TLC series, it’s easy to see that nothing has changed for the inn owner.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Is Still As Submissive As Ever

From all indications, it appears that Kody Isn’t going to stop the poor treatment he melts out at Meri. He’s going to continue his inhumane behavior, without actually considering that he’s hurting the feelings of his first wife.

He’s quick to remind her that he regrets the marriage, blaming it on her cunning manipulation and other vices. But here comes the twist, Sister Wives cast member Meri continues to defend him against critics and this is something many fans are wondering why she’s doing that.

Understandably, she cries and gets upset sometimes, but then she tries to cover up for her husband’s actions. This is a question that many fans are begging for answers to. Each time Kody disses her on camera, all she does is quiver a little and before long, she’s back to professing her love for the husband of four.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Still Protects Kody Despite His Bad Attitude

Sister Wives Updates – Everyone Have Their Individual Cross To Bear

In time, Meri had decided to debunk the rumors that she’s no longer with Kody. To prove this, she took a loved-up photo with her husband, with the clear “Love” caption included.

She also confirmed to her Sister Wives viewers that she was staying put in the marriage, no matter what happens. From her countenance and spoken words, it appears like Meri was issuing out a warning to everyone else to mind their businesses, and allow her to settle and enjoy her marriage with Kody.

Indeed, Meri has a large fanbase on Sister Wives that’s concerned about her wellbeing. However, with the recent display of Meri and her confession of love for her abuser-husband, it’s no news that her fans were stunned and disappointed.

A lot of witnesses rebuked Kody against Meri after their appointment with a therapist ended in a fracas. There, he let out his utmost hatred for Meri and made it clear how much of a disappointment it was to ever get married to her.

Now, it’s rather shocking that the same viewers who went hard on the sisters’ husband against his horrific action see that the acclaimed victim acknowledges him.

Meri Brown Still Protects Kody Despite His Bad Attitude

‘Sister Wives’: Nothing Has Changed About Kody Brown

For most of what we’ve seen this season, the hostile relationship between Kody and Meri Brown is far from being settled. He rarely or seldom lives with her, and he didn’t try to hide it while they were with the therapist. During his outburst at the interview, Sister Wives Kody told his wives they were free to do whatever they wanted, without restrictions.

According to him, he cannot divorce any of his wives since he’s the man in the polygamous marriage. So unless any or all of them decide to go their separate ways, he’s stuck with them forever. Meri has the grace to go and avoid the abuses from her husband, but it appears she’s not ready for that.

What Price Does Meri Brown Have To Pay?

As harsh as it might sound, Kody has clearly stated that he doesn’t want Meri as his wife anymore. To further humiliate her, he categorically stated that he hadn’t had any form of intimacy with her for a very long time.

Without a doubt, most wives would gladly call it off but for Meri, it appears she’s going to stay put and smile her way through the harsh pain.

At some point, a great deal of the audience started commenting and asked her to leave him. While she had lost the respect some used to have for her, she has earned a feather to her cap as a strong and independent person, according to others.

Over time, she has grown two businesses successfully. Overall, she’s not doing badly. But for Kody’s issue, it’s difficult to conclude exactly what’s going on.

Right now, she has got to deal with losing self-respect. Even If she fails to admit it, she appears to be gradually slipping into depression. Right now, her fans can no longer say what exactly is keeping her in the marriage with so much unsolicited pressure. Maybe, that’s the price she has to pay.

To get a fresh update on the recent episode for the latest season of the Sister Wives, tune in to the program channel at 10 pm EST on Sunday.

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