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Love & Hip Hop Spoilers: Ray J and Princess Love Are On The Road To Reconciliation in a New City

Love & Hip Hop Spoilers: Ray J and Princess Love Are On The Road To Reconciliation in a New CityLove & Hip Hop spoilers and updates reveals Ray J and Princess Love, stars of the reality television franchise Love & Hip hop, have been through a rough patch in their four year relationship as a married couple. Princess Love first filed for divorce in May after they have lived together for four years and after having spent months living apart.

Princess Love, who was pregnant at the time of the first divorce, was mad at Ray J for partying with strippers while she was pregnant at home. Something she said in a TMZ interview he hadn’t apologized for back at the time.

Love & Hip Hop Spoilers – The First Divorce Case

Princess Love rose to fame in the Love & Hip hop show, and other works include fashion designing and modeling. She and Ray J began dating in 2013, got married in 2016 and now share two children between them.

In May 2020, Princess Love and Ray J got into a fight, and Princess Love got angered claiming that Ray J left her and their daughter Melody in Las Vegas, an accusation which Ray J denied was untrue and that he was still in town at the time. There were also rumors of his infidelity.

Princess Love later dropped the divorce case after they reconciled, only to have Ray J file his own divorce case four months later.

The shock of the divorce and possibility of a third child

During a Fox Soul interview, Princess Love admitted to being shocked that Ray J would file for divorce just months after she dismissed hers. She said that a friend called and sent her a screenshot of the divorce news, asking her if it was true. She said she replied to the question with, “I don’t know let me find out.”

She searched it online and found many blogs writing on it, and was shocked at the discovery, deciding to call her lawyer immediately. She called her lawyer and asked him to check if the recent news circulating around the internet was true.

She revealed that she wasn’t aware of the divorce, even though she said that they talked last Friday before the news.

Three months after Ray J filed for divorce in September, Princess Love admitted to wanting to have a third child with him amid the ongoing divorce. She said that she doesn’t care if they are divorced, if they want to have a child, it’s okay. She also admitted that it would not be done in the traditional way.

Love & Hip Hop Updates – Moving on after the divorce drama

After the whole massively publicized drama that got the two making headlines in 2020, they decided to make it work due to their two young kids and laid rest to the divorce.

Earlier in February during an exclusive E! News interview, the rapper commented, “I think we’re in a peaceful place. I think Miami brings a different vibe to who you are and what opportunities are out there for the family and just watching the kids learn new things and grow up. My little son is almost walking now and Melody is just becoming so smart, so independent. Just seeing that, I think it brings us both together no matter what.”

He later revealed that he doesn’t think that they would be coming back to LA anytime soon. He said that things aren’t easy yet, and that they’re constantly working towards where they used to be. He concluded by saying that he thinks that they were meant to be together.

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