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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Calls out TOXIC British Media For Forcing His Hollywood Move

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Calls out TOXIC British Media For Forcing His Hollywood MoveBritish royal family news reveals that Prince Harry, Duke Of Sussex is blaming Britain’s “toxic” media for his unbecoming flight from the family that had sheltered and loved him since birth. It wasn’t until Meghan Markle joined the scene that Harry fled the kingdom, straight to her hometown, Los Angeles.

Now that he’s a safe distance from the palace, Hollywood Harry is slinging arrows left and right, on national tv, about how his life was so awful. This is the same elitest, privileged prince who never knew how to make a bed until he joined the army.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Had to Learn How to Make a Bed

On Thursday, Harry’s interview with his best friend James Corden aired and it made him look like an elitist, privileged prince. When his tea spilled from his china cup onto his lap he sat helpless. Really. James had to yell, “Harry, clean it up!”

The pair cruised around LA, which is on lockdown, on a bus and Harry complained about a litany of things, including how he wants to keep his life private. Which is why being in an open top bus in the streets of LA while talking about your life is not hypocritical.

“We all know what the British press can be like and it was destroying my mental health,” Harry said in the interview for “The Late Late Show With James Corden.”

Royal Family News: Harry Called his Former Life Toxic

“So I did what any husband and what any father would do — I need to get my family out of here,” he said.

And how is what he is doing now, himself airing his dirty laundry in public, different than what he claims was done to him?

It’s not hard to imagine how this bus wreck interview was pitched to the Fresh Prince of Montecito: “it will be fun, and we’ll show your human side, and you get to talk this time.”

Except that Harry is the only one who had fun, the rest of us are laughing at him. Even worse, Harry threw his family under the bus by airing the interview at the same time his grandmother Queen Elizabeth was doing her best to urge the country to get vaccinated against a killer disease. She went on the air to urge COVID vaccinations and on another channel there is Harry rapping in a stranger’s driveway.

The optics couldn’t have been worse as his 99-year old grandfather, Prince Philip, lays in a hospital bed with no timetable for getting out.

Who is the toxic party here? Look in the mirror Harry.

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