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Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown’s Personality Change, Trying To Get Kody To End Marriage?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown’s Personality Change, Trying To Get Kody To End Marriage?Sister Wives spoilers reveal that a new season has kicked off and we are seeing that Kody Brown isn’t the only problem. In the past, it has been easy to blame him. But it seems that when Christine Brown said she was done in the trailer, she meant it. Her total 180 indicates that she is trying to get Kody to end the marriage. That way she doesn’t have to be the one who gave up.

Not Wanting Polygamy Anymore

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that in the trailer, fans saw Christine highly emotional. She didn’t want to have a relationship with Kody anymore, considered moving back to Utah, and already feels like she’s living a monogamous life. One key statement that Christine made in the trailer is when Meri Brown tried to encourage her not to give up. That caused Christine to go into a rage.

Christine Brown’s Personality Change

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Sunday’s episode showed Christine with a different kind of personality than what fans are used to seeing. She was unhappy, angry, passive-aggressive, argumentative, and must have been giving off a horribly negative vibe. Sure, she might be in a bad mood, but it seems much more than that.

Sister Wives Spoilers: About That Road Trip

Christine argued about taking two cars instead of one. That defeats the purpose of the road trip, which was to spend time together. She didn’t get her way, but Christine made sure to make everyone else miserable by giving off that negative energy. When one of the tires was losing air, Christine complained all the way tot the tire shop.

She just wanted to get the journey over with. When she didn’t want to wait around any longer, she once again pushed the idea of two cars. Robyn Brown’s minivan was suggested, but Christine had to combat this idea, too. She said it wasn’t roomy enough. The fourth wife mentioned that her minivan was actually bigger than the car they were in.

Suggesting A Conference Call… Really?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that the Brown family was going to Utah to visit another plural family that are considered close friends of theirs. Everyone was really excited to see them. Well, everyone except Christine. Even though the family was expecting them, Christine suddenly wanted to just have a conference call.

Pushing Kody Brown To End Marriage?

Sometimes people don’t want to be the “bad guy” and end a relationship. So they make living with them so unbearable that the other party has no choice but to walk away. It really seems like that is what Christine was doing. Her sarcastic and snide comments, the sneer on her face the entire trip, bouncing between the silent treatment and having angry tantrums was hard for viewers to sit through.

Just imagine having to be in the same house or car as Christine! And the family’s friends had to actually deal with it, too. That’s right, Christine couldn’t even fake being pleasant for family friends. If Christine is really that unhappy, then maybe it’s time for her to walk away. There’s no need to make everyone else miserable.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Christine Brown right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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