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Sister Wives Spoilers: Utah Trip Triggers Fear, Kody Brown’s Family Worries About Getting Arrested

Sister Wives Spoilers: Utah Trip Triggers Fear, Kody Brown’s Family Worries About Getting ArrestedSister Wives spoilers reveal that on Sunday’s episode, Kody Brown and his wives took a trip to Utah. They were excited to visit another plural family, but they were fearful too. This is because they left Utah due to polygamy being a felony. Just by going back, they could be arrested.

Trip To Utah To Visit Plural Family

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Utah might be where the Brown family is from, but they no longer feel at home there. Kody and his four wives: Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Janelle Brown went to visit another plural family. Joe Darger has three wives and two of them are sisters. Kody explained to the camera that the family was “very politically active” in their attempt to decriminalize polygamy in the state of Utah.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Memories And Fear

It was stated during the episode that the Brown family was looking forward to seeing their good friends again. However, there was also an element of fear as they talked about what happened before they moved out of Utah. Within days of the family announcing they were in a plural marriage, police began investigating. Plural marriage is a felony in Utah and has a penalty of up to five years in prison per count.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Utah Trip Triggers Fear, Kody Brown’s Family Worries About Getting Arrested

Kody Brown’s Family Felt Exiled

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that the family relocated in January 2011. They were afraid of being arrested. Comparing the experience to being exiled, Kody and his family fled Utah “in the dark of the night.” Even though they sued the state of Utah and won, it was appealed one year later. When a judge heard the appeal, it had gotten complicated because of a new law, Kody explained.

“The state of Utah appealed our lawsuit that we had won. They overturned it and then they doubled-down with a new law, HB 99 [which] made it a worse felony for polygamists in Utah.”

Janelle added that just last year, a bill was introduced that would help their family, as well as those in abusive situations. She said that many women don’t seek help when they are abused because they are terrified of being arrested and having their children taken away.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Terrified Of Being Arrested

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Janelle admitted that her biggest fear coming on the trip was getting arrested. She worried that they would get pulled over for a traffic violation, then the police might use it as an excuse to charge them with felony polygamy. Robyn was also scared of what kind of consequences they could face. However, everyone ended up safe and not being arrested. What do you think of what Kody Brown’s family had to say about being scared to visit Utah? A new episode of the reality show airs on Sunday nights on TLC.

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